The New Fresh Prince Of Bel Air's Epic Tinseltown Affair On Hollywood Blvd

Top Quote It's not who you know but how you connect and it's not what you know but how you unfold it. End Quote
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (1888PressRelease) February 16, 2011 - Once upon a time a young boy from a small city had dreams of succeeding in the big land. Fast forward years later and that young boy has people in the big land respecting his talent but more so connecting with his impactful presence. The big land can eat you up if you're not ready to take on all of the challenges it has to offer. This is the land where dreams are made and broken. Millions of people leave their cities, family and normal life searching for who they are, searching for all of the gold that this land has to offer. Embrace yourself for an epic celebration and we must respect the land that has gave us a lifetime full of memories. Remember the young boy that I spoke of earlier? Well this land knows him as "The New Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and it also knows him by his legendary birth name "Monroe." On this special evening, the young boy will give back to the land that gave to him and many others.

    "Things are about to change forever on the Blvd. It's the start of a new decade and that mean it's the start of a new era. You are going to have to hop on the train or get left behind because this train will continue to move and grow. It's not about who you know but how you connect and it's not what you know but how you unfold it." (Monroe)

    Hollywood Blvd's brand new upscale "Spot 5750 lounge/ELXR nightclub" will be the new home of Monroe. The venue brought Monroe on board to produce exclusive high end events the first Saturday of every month. When asked what was the inspiration behind bringing Monroe to the Blvd, the answer wasn't your typical Hollywood response. It was a response of respect.

    "I see a legit person in Monroe. I see someone I feel like I've known all my life. I see someone I trust. This is few and far between in LA especially. I expect to see next level events." Billy Rogers(Managing Partner of Spot 5750 lounge/ELXR nightclub)

    And next level events is what the Blvd will witness starting with Monroe's debut event with the venue. The official grand opening titled "Tinseltown Affair".

    "I told Billy when he brought me on board that if he wanted a club promoter then I wasn't the guy he was looking for. I said now if you're looking to make a statement on the Blvd then I'm you're guy for that. Billy ran all of the "Saddle Ranch" chains so he comes from success. My boy Mike introduced us, we clicked, he saw my work and I told him that the first Saturday of each month will belong to us." (Monroe)

    Monroe has a certain quality about him that is very interesting. The majority of people in Hollywood are so stuck on theirself that it's impossible for them to share. They want all of the glory and credit for everything. Monroe is the total opposite. He loves to share great moments like this with his friends when he doesn't even have to. While organizing the details for the event he reached out to some of his classy and successful Hollywood friends to co host the epic occasion.

    "I knew if I came on board that my guests would enjoy a classy, fun party with an experience that would be most glamorous. It is very important for guest to feel welcome, special and that is exactly how he makes them feel. They can expect a well put together party with plenty of interesting individuals for a strong social intercourse." Donna Spangler(CEO/Beverly Hills Film, TV & New Media Festival)

    "Monroe has the whole package going for him. He has style, attitude, looks, personality and he is high driven. Monroe knows where he is going, he will be on top and that is who I want to associate myself with and introduce to my people in this industry." Michele Monroe(A-List Hollywood Fashion Designer)

    "It's a great opportunity to work together with Monroe on such a special project and working a "Tinseltown Affair" sounds fun and exciting." Gina Clarke (Malibu Seaside A-List Chef)

    The importance of this event is beyond words. It's full of different generations and millions of memories.

    "Tinseltown Affair is literally a Hollywood Affair. It's glittery and glamorous. Hollywood Blvd is the hub of where the movie industry started with plenty of famous landmarks. All of the stars hung out on the Blvd, Tinseltown is part of the Hollywood entertainment legions." Donna Spangler (CEO/Beverly Hills Film, TV & New Media Festival)

    "Classic memories remembering old Hollywood where Marilyn Monroe and James Dean sat in a cafe on Hollywood and Vine waiting for one to come by and discover them. Hollywood Blvd is the place to be." Michelle Monroe (A-List Hollywood Fashion Designer)

    "Days of mystery, fantasy and elegance. It's difficult to not look at the sidewalk and think back on the lives and careers that shaped Hollywood." Gina Clarke ( Malibu Seaside A-List Chef)

    Did I mention that the guest will be glamorous in a strict dress code? The Tinseltown Affair belongs to the color blue. The attire can be any shade of blue but anyone that shows up not in blue will have to see the exit. Monroe's co hosts think it's a brilliant idea.

    "It's always fun to have a theme for people to participate in. Blue looks great on people and it looks great in pictures. It's the perfect color for a royal high end party" Donna Spangler (CEO/Beverly Hills Film, TV & New Media Festival)

    "The color blue makes a statement. It's the new black and it says i'm on top of things. Everyone can wear black but blue says it all" Michelle Monroe (A-List Hollywood Fashion Designer)

    "It's the color of the ocean and the sky, powerful forces and it's confident." Gina Clarke (Malibu Seaside A-List Chef)

    March 5th will be historic, it will set the tone for Hollywood Blvd's new era of entertainment and the Blvd will have to make room for Monroe's playground.

    "This is a first of its kind and i'm thrilled to be the one producing it. The Tinseltown Affair is not to honor celebrities, award shows are for that. This is to honor the town that made everyone who they are here. Tinseltown Affair will represent old Hollywood, old money, people that have lived here for 10 years or more. It represents people that have seen the good and bad in this town, people with years of experience here. It's not an event for straight off the bus people looking to explore Hollywood and network. It's no industry mixer. The Tinseltown Affair is for the elite to network and be catered to." (Monroe)

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