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  • America's Basic Food Model Broken: Chef Says Nutrients Per Dollar Makes More Sense Than Super-Sizing
  • This month Chef Shedric announced the release of his book, The MicroNutrient Solution that outlines lifestyle changes and better shopping strategies to improve health and reach an ideal weight. He argues that a system-wide focus on food nutrient quality is feasible and would have a power impact on America's health. A preview copy is available for download at
  • The MicroNutrient Solution, a brand new book by master chef Shedric Wallace is unique approach to eating for weight loss and optimum health. The auth ...
  • April 01, 2013
  • New Book Claims Nutrition Experts Got It Wrong and Millions of Lives Are Now At Stake
  • Chef Shedric Wallace announced the release of his book, The MicroNutrient Solution, that dispels dangerous food myths that we learned as children. His book says that there are new ways to think about eating for optimum health, longevity and maximum energy.
  • A master chef, with an education in food science and certification in nutrition consulting, Shedric Wallace announced today that he has released his b ...
  • March 13, 2013
  • Chef's Book Explains Why Most Of Us Need A Lifestyle Makeover
  • Today the release of a chef's book, The MicroNutrient Solution, could be the end of diets as we know them. Best yet, the book can be previewed free.
  • Have we all been mislead regarding diets for decades? Chef Shedric Wallace says yes in his newly released book, The MicroNutrient Solution. Unlike man ...
  • March 08, 2013