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  • The Double Glazing Company, New Zealand, is a leader in providing superior window insulation solutions for existing dwellings.

    Formed in 2004, the company has licensed operations in Auckland, Hamilton and Taupo, with further operations planned in 2010 and beyond.
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  • Wellington Double Glazing Project not just for Snowy Temperatures
  • A recent double glazing project in Wellington has proven to be a great demonstration for owners of existing homes. The home owners didn't just want to double glazing their existing windows to improve insulation against snowy temperatures. They wanted to improve their million dollar views across the Wellington harbour.
  • It never snows in Wellington, right? Think again!

    With the present weather patterns in Wellington and across New Zealand, the snow is ...
  • August 17, 2011  
  • Double Glazing Company Expands Into Cambridge & Hamilton, New Zealand
  • New Zealand's pioneering retro double glazing business has expanded to establish a new operation in Cambridge. Nick Ward has joined the business to head up this operation, bringing over 25 years industry experience. The Double Glazing Company's mission is to help New Zealanders have a healthier home living environment with improved window insulation.
  • Cambridge locals, Nick & Tami Ward have joined forces with New Zealand's pioneering double glazing business, The Double Glazing Company, to establish ...
  • October 03, 2010 
  • Double Glazing Now Available for Existing Homes in Auckland
  • Existing home owners in Auckland, New Zealand can now benefit from having their windows upgraded to double glazing - without having to pay for new joinery. The Double Glazing Company has responded to customer requests and have established an operation in Auckland.
  • New Zealandís pioneering double glazing business, The Double Glazing Company has cracked into the Auckland market and opened its doors (albeit van doo ...
  • November 08, 2008