Wellington Double Glazing Project not just for Snowy Temperatures

Top Quote A recent double glazing project in Wellington has proven to be a great demonstration for owners of existing homes. The home owners didn't just want to double glazing their existing windows to improve insulation against snowy temperatures. They wanted to improve their million dollar views across the Wellington harbour. End Quote
    QuoteIt was also about taking a broken view of the harbour and turning it into a million dollar picture.Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) August 17, 2011 - It never snows in Wellington, right? Think again!

    With the present weather patterns in Wellington and across New Zealand, the snow is serving up a cool reminder of just how unpredictable the weather can be. But it hasn't all been about trying to keep warm in these extreme temperatures. Kiwis around Wellington flocked to their windows (and braver ones to the streets) to experience the once in a lifetime event of snow falling on their city.

    It's times like these that we appreciate more than ever the value of having warm windows. That is, windows where we do not have to wipe away the condensation to see the views.

    For a recent customer of The Double Glazing Company in Wellington, attaining warmer windows wasn't just about being able to see through the glass clearly on cold mornings. It was also about taking a broken view of the harbour and turning it into a million dollar picture. All just in time to see the snow falling this winter!

    "Our client has a home in Khandallah with fantastic views looking out across the Wellington harbour," said Martin Gunn from The Double Glazing Company in Wellington. "For them it wasn't just about improving the insulation of their windows. They wanted to turn a group of smaller windows into one large picture window".

    While double glazing was the perfect solution, delivering the finished result didn't come without its challenges!

    The Double Glazing Company's solution had to meet design requirements that included handling the extremes of Wellington winds. Along with this, the location of the window itself meant that a crane was required to get the new double glazing unit into place.

    The Double Glazing Company team carefully removed the old single glass, together with the internal timber mullions. This provided a large window space for the new double glazing unit. Utilising replacement timber beads designed by The Double Glazing Company, they were then able to seal the double glazing unit in place. This was all done to meet New Zealand best practice standards for installing double glazing.

    Then it all came down to the real test. Martin smiles as he recalls the customer's reaction to seeing the new window for the first time. "The owner asked us when we would have the glass in - not realising that she was looking through her new double glazing". This was a particularly pleasing result for The Double Glazing Company who prides itself in providing innovative solutions that allow double glazing to be fitted into existing homes. In particular, is the goal of making the changes as unnoticeable as possible - apart from the new found warmth and huge reduction in condensation!

    So What Is Double Glazing?

    Double glazing consists of two pieces of glass with a spacer sealing the space in between. This is commonly referred to as a Double-Glazed Unit (DGU), or Insulating Glass Unit (IGU). The term insulating glass refers to the superior insulating performance of double glazing compared with single glass.
    This seal is the important part - it ensures that nothing can get in or out. The sealed space contains either air or argon gas which provides the insulation improvement.

    While glass is a good conductor of heat, air is a poor conductor (and argon gas is even poorer). The trapped column of air or gas is what forms the insulation barrier from outside to inside.

    The glass used in a double glazing unit can be of a variety of types, such as tinted, laminated, opaque and low emissivity.
    In looking to install double glazing into existing window frames, all glass options can be considered. This means that a wide variety of requirements can be considered, such as:
    Thermal insulation (year-round)
    Noise insulation
    Condensation control
    Fading reduction
    Privacy & security
    Home aesthetics

    The Double Glazing Company supplies world leading double glazing manufactured with Super Spacer. This provides superior performance to alternative options available in New Zealand.

    Who Is The Double Glazing Company?
    The Double Glazing Company is a leading provider of genuine double glazing solutions for existing homes in New Zealand. The company specialises in retrofitting new double glazing units into existing window frames - both timber and aluminium.

    The Double Glazing Company has operations located in Wellington, Taupo, Hamilton and Auckland. In Wellington, the company is headed up by Martin Gunn. Martin can be contacted by phoning 04 472 8900.

    The Double Glazing Company can be regularly heard on the radioLIVE Design & Build Show providing expert insights into double glazing and answering questions from callers around the country.

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