Test Method of the Total Migratable Matter Contents in the Soymilk Cup

Top Quote C830 migration and non-volatile matter tester was used to measure the total migratable matter in the disposable paper cup of a brand packaging soy milk. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 27, 2020 - Abstract: The total migratable matter contents in soymilk cup is an important factor affecting the safety of soymilk. C830 migration and non-volatile matter tester was used to measure the total migratable matter in the disposable paper cup of a brand packaging soy milk. Through the description of the test process and test instrument, test principle, a test method of the total migratable matter contents of packaging materials was introduced, which provides a reference for the enterprise to carry out product quality control.

    Keywords: total migration, mingratable matter content, migration and non-volatile matter content tester, soymilk cup, disposable paper cup
    Soymilk is a traditional Chinese delicacies, it is rich in plant protein, phospholipids, vitamin, calcium, iron and other nutrients, and it is suitable for all ages. With the speeding up of the pace of life, the traditional soymilk production methods and drinking culture have changed a lot, the disposable paper cup packaged soymilk is one of the many changes which adapt to the fast-paced life style.

    In general, the inner layer of the paper cup contains a layer of plastic film to prevent leakage or the paper cup getting soaked and softened when packaging soymilk. In the process of contact with soybean milk, some additives added in the plastic film to ensure its performance or small molecules that are not fully involved in the reaction will migrate outward and enter the soymilk, which may affect the health of the consumers. The migration speed and amount of these matters will generally change with the change of soymilk temperature and the contact time of soymilk and paper cup. Therefore, to guarantees the drinking safety of soymilk, it is important to select the appropriate soymilk simulant and monitor the total migratable matter content in the disposable paper cup for packaging soymilk by setting the appropriate migration temperature and time.

    The test is based on ISO 759-1981 Volatile organic liquids for industrial use — Determination of dry residue after evaporation on water bath — General method. The standard specifies the food simulant, test conditions and test methods for migration test, and how to test the total migratable content in the simulation solution.

    The test sample in this paper is a disposable paper cup for soymilk packaging.
    4、Test instrument
    The test instrument used in this paper is C830 Migration and Non-Volatile Matter Content Tester, which is independently developed and produced by Jinan Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd.

    4.1 Test principle
    The total migratable content test is a test process to simulate the contact process between food and packaging materials, so that the migratable matters in the packaging materials can migrate to the food simulants, and to test the total amount of the transportable substances through the evaporation drying weighing process. Therefore, the whole test is divided into two parts: migration process and testing process.

    5、Test process
    5.1 Migration process
    (1) According to the relevant provisions of ISO 759-1981, the corresponding food simulant is 20% (volume fraction) ethanol, and the migration condition is 70 ℃ for 2 hours.

    (2) Calculate the bottom area of the sample and the area of the inner wall from the bottom of the cup to 1 cm from the cup mouth.
    (3) Add 20% ethanol that has reached 70 ℃ into the sample until the liquid level is 1 cm from the cup mouth, and record the volume of the food simulant added.

    (4) Put the sample containing the simulation solution into the environment of 70 ℃ for 2 hours.

    5.2 Test process
    (1) Take 200ml of simulated solution from the sample and put it into the evaporation dish that has been dried and weighed, and take the same volume of blank simulated solution for blank test.

    (2) Place the evaporating dish on the tray rack in the instrument chamber and close the test chamber cover. Set the evaporation temperature, test mode, drying temperature, drying time and other parameters, click the “test” option to start the test.

    (3) The instrument automatically completes evaporation, drying and weighing according to the set parameters. After the test, the instrument displays the calculation results. Evaporation reagent recovered automatically by the treatment equipment.

    6、Test result
    Two samples were tested in this test, and the total migratable content of each sample was 4.13mg/dm2and 4.21mg/dm2 respectively. Take the average value of the test results of two samples as the total migratable content of the sample, which is 4.17 mg/dm2.

    The total migration is the evaluation of the total amount of the migratable matters in the food contact materials. This paper introduces the test method of the total migration through the test of the total amount of the migratable matters in the disposable paper cup for packaging soymilk. The test operation is simple, and the instrument can automatically evaporate, dry and weigh, and recycle the evaporated reagent. The test results show that the total migration of the tested sample is within the range of standard requirements (≤10mg/dm2).

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