Taking Back America: The Return of Elliott Eastman Published by Telemachus Press

Top Quote Ignatius Ryan's new release is about a frustrated American citizen with this tale of an assault on Wall Street, the banks and Congress by a former Army Ranger and ex-Senator and his band of cohorts. End Quote
  • San Jose, CA (1888PressRelease) July 08, 2012 - Novelist Ignatius Ryan announced today the release of The Return of Elliott Eastman, published by Telemachus Press. In this tale of clever financial logic coupled with edge-of-the-seat action, Ryan clarifies the Occupy Wall Street message as ex-Ranger Elliott Eastman goes about freeing the American people from being held hostage by the corrupt Congress that supports our usurious banking system.

    When Elliott Eastman, ex-Ranger and ex-U. S. Senator, finds out he has but six months to live, he decides to pull out all the stops and start the ugly steps he knows are necessary to make the banks pay and to return American to a sane way of life.

    He's learned military tactics from tours in Iraq. He's learned legislative strategy in the back rooms of congress. He's ready to use both - as well as blackmail, intimidation and any other underhanded means - to achieve his goal: the passage of a Financial Transaction Tax that would eliminate all of the national debt in a mere seven years.

    Gathering together his most trusted former men-at-arms and his lost love, Stephanie Wells, he takes on a resistive congress and garners the support of a citizenry equally as irritated as Elliott. While he and Stephanie are bending the arms of key congressmen, one hundred thousand AARP members are descending on Washington in their cars, boats and RV's, carrying banners and singing "Taking care of business…"

    A blend of Robin Hood, The Godfather and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Return of Elliott Eastman is a rollicking adventure that will warm the heart of any patriot while also offering a valid path out of the hideous financial mess Congress has allowed America to become.

    The Return of Elliott Eastman is available on line at amazon.com and other on line retail outlets.

    Format: 9.6 x .7 paperback ISBN: 978-1-9376-9836-2 SRP: $ 9.99
    Kindle $ 2.99
    Genre: Fiction/action and adventure

    About the author:

    At fifty-nine years of age, the author began to begrudgingly admit he was getting older (not old) and wondering if he was leaving the world a better place. He'd been a realtor for thirty-six years and was surviving the "Great Recession," but realized he was angry, or perhaps resentful was a better word. The big banks and Wall Street had rocked the nation to its very foundations and had dashed the hopes of millions and had bankrupted some of its oldest institutions. They were then given $780 billion of taxpayer dollars for doing so. Nevertheless, they returned to their old tricks. The derivatives market has been growing again. In 1995 it was $17 trillion, in 2005 it was $400 trillion, and today it is $806 trillion. Ignatius Ryan was angry and he knew something had to be done. There had to be a way to make the banks pay. Slowly, The Return of Elliott Eastman was born.

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