Stephen Hawking Says the Creation of the Universe was Random, Yet Astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross Shows Otherwise

Top Quote Signalman Publishing releases updated third edition to the award winning classic, "Beyond the Cosmos" by Hugh Ross. Based on the most recent scientific discoveries involving string theory and dimensional physics, Ross makes a compelling case for a Creator of the universe and how a random creation event could not have just happened. End Quote
  • Orlando, FL (1888PressRelease) September 11, 2010 - From the author of numerous books showing how recent scientific discoveries point to the God of the Bible comes a new edition of his award-winning classic, "Beyond the Cosmos". In this book Hugh Ross, astronomer and founder of Reasons To Believe, tells the story of a dramatic scientific breakthrough: the discovery that there's more to the universe than just the familiar dimensions of space and time. The cosmos is actually a ten-dimensional system!

    "A universe of ten dimensions carries profound theological implications," Ross says. "The One who brought such a universe into existence has capacities exceeding the limits of what's possible in all those dimensions." Thoughtful consideration of these capacities sheds new light on theological doctrines over which people have battled for centuries-the Trinity, predestination and free will, heaven and hell, and more. Ross guides readers through these concepts in a lay-friendly way that promises to stretch your awareness of the Creator's power and love.

    This latest edition of "Beyond the Cosmos" updates discoveries affirming extra-dimensional physics and string theory, building on earlier support for the biblical account of cosmic origins. As with earlier editions, it offers visual aids to help you understand and appreciate biblical truths that exceed human ability to visualize-truths that set the Bible apart from all other "holy books" in the world. If you seek a fresh, expansive vision of God's magnificence, a view that will inspire-even supercharge-your worship, this book offers it to you.

    "Beyond the Cosmos", third edition (ISBN: 978-0-9840614-8-8, Trade Paper, 262 pages, $14.99, Non-fiction), is available direct from Reasons To Believe or from your favorite retail or online bookstore. It's also available from the Kindle Store on Those with an iPad or iPhone can now read this and other Kindle books using the Kindle reader application.

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