SpaceBook inventor launches gStick mouse, hold it like a pencil for Mac and Windows PC's

Top Quote Worlds first gStick mouse. Gordon Stewart announces new computer mouse technology. The innovative gStick mouse, hold it like a pencil, it scrolls on a mouse pad and works on Mac & Windows PC's. End Quote
  • Anchorage, AK (1888PressRelease) July 14, 2013 - Worlds first gStick mouse. Gordon Stewart announces new computer mouse technology. The innovative gStick mouse, hold it like a pencil, it scrolls on a mouse pad and works on Mac & Windows PC's.

    Gordon Stewart, the inventor of the dual-screen SpaceBook 17-inch laptop, has launched his new product on Kickstarter.

    "It's an ingenious little contraption that is used much like a pen, providing a far more ergonomic and comfortable usage scenario than its predecessor. It's all spec'd up, with 1200 dpi ... that provide phenomenal performance... Don't be a victim of natural selection. The old mouse is dead. Crawl out of the cave and get a gStick mouse."

    The gstick is a wireless mouse for Mac, Linux & Windows PC's that you hold like a pencil, it scrolls on a mouse pad and fits in your pocket. Anyone who can write with a pencil and wants a more comfortable, creative and ergonomic computer mouse will enjoy the gStick. If your computer uses a mouse, the gStick will work on it.

    "In 2009 I conceived the gStick after trying to sign my signature to an online contract with a traditional mouse. I was very frustrated and I wanted something that worked more accurately, that was inexpensive, and that did not need a stylus pad." -Gordon Stewart

    After conceiving the gStick mouse idea in 2009, Gordon started building prototypes. Then after 6-months of searching, he found a manufacturer to build a prototype. He spent a year in R&D with this manufacture and eventually they said they could not complete his design. After searching for a new manufacturer, he finally found one, able and willing to complete R&D and deliver a working prototype after more than a year. Gordon showed the factory engineers how to make it work, and in 2013, a working prototype was delivered and now Gordon is ready for tooling and production of the gStick.

    "After nearly two decades of using a mouse…I am glad to make the switch to a new revolutionary tool. I thought I would have a hard time adjusting to the gStick. I thought it was maybe just a gimmick. No…it is as natural as using a pencil…except I can scroll and select with it! What an incredible invention. I can't wait to "roll in" to work with one! You don't have to be a graphic designer to understand, love, and appreciate the absolute genius of the intuitive gStick. It makes the days of using a "mouse" a new experience! Thank you gStick." - Andre Horton, Professional Photographer, DreFoto -

    Gordon has been a entrepreneur and product designer for over ten years and has began writing a new book to help other inventors bring a product to market, on a budget.

    "I have made many mistakes and learned many lessons while working on the SpaceBook and gStick projects. I hope to inspire other inventors who are on a budget to create, design and bring products to market with my new pocket guide, 'Invent: 10 Steps from Sketch to Market." says Gordon.

    Gordon launched the gStick on Kickstarter on July 3rd., and it was voted as #1 Best of Kickstarter, on day one on the innovation blog -

    "I believe that Kickstarter and other crowd-funding platforms are a paradigm shift for independent inventors and creative entrepreneurs. Kickstarter provides invaluable opportunities to bring an idea into production." -Gordon Stewart

    Gordon continues, "Kickstarter is literally changing the way inventors and product creators bring an idea to market on a global scale.

    As for the SpaceBook, Gordon says, "2011 was a very bittersweet year. We had over $20 million in orders that we could not process or accept and credit card companies and local banks were no help." -Gordon Stewart

    However, the SpaceBook was finally manufactured and now Gordon is working on a partnership with a larger PC company to co-brand the SpaceBook for global distribution.

    "I believe that the SpaceBook will emerge as a strong global product with the help of our new co-brand partner because it is a unique, exciting product." -Gordon Stewart

    In 2012, the SpaceBook was featured at Microsoft Experience Day in Hollywood. Since then, he has been invited to submit the SpaceBook to the Academy Awards for a Scientific and Technical Award.

    The gStick will begin shipping to customers in November 2013 and will come in a variety of colors.

    More gStick information can be found on

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