Source Marketing Direct: Short-term Thinking Not Beneficial for UK Economy or Business

Top Quote Source Marketing Direct, London based marketing and sales firm, have backed the government funded report released to BBC on Monday the 23rd July 2012. The report findings suggested 'short term' thinking by investors is benefiting the financial sector, not businesses and individual savers resulting in a gap in economic growth. End Quote
    QuoteAnyone who manages money or advises people on how to invest their money ought to have an obligation to put their clients' interests first".Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 30, 2012 - John Kay of the London School of Economics was commissioned by Business Secretary Vince Cable to probe the UK finance market specifically investigating UK equity markets and long term decision making. Kay wrote "Over the last 10 years, companies have done OK, people in the financial sector have made a lot of money, and savers have done pretty badly". Source Marketing Direct imply the report highlights that for individual savers (the average UK worker) return on investments have been poor, largely due to the middlemen (banks, financial investment institutions) taking their cut. Kay continued "Anyone who manages money or advises people on how to invest their money ought to have an obligation to put their clients' interests first".

    Source Marketing Direct, Managing Director, Hector Montalvo commented "As a business owner, I found the report very interesting. I understand how it in some situations it is almost too easy to only look at the short term. I can recall a few instances in my career where I stopped looking at our long term objectives and focused really only on the short term status of Source Marketing Direct. I forgot to look at the longevity of clients and business partners; instead I was focussed on just trying to turn a better immediate profit. I think John Kay's report highlights a fundamental area of concern for the UK. The result of my own short term thinking on Source Marketing Direct was definitely not that positive, I am just lucky that I learnt that lesson very early on in my career. Just imagining this 'short term' thinking on a larger scale, when we are talking about people's savings and investment's for their future is downright scary!"

    Source Marketing Direct has continued to deliver return by expanding their services throughout the UK. Managing Director Hector Montalvo backed Kay's recommendation that long term thinking will aid in improving our economic growth. He comments "Learning to look long term is a skill that takes time to hone and develop. We are a nation of 'now' but this kind of thinking has got us to where we are today. As the report highlighted the average saver, and the average company are doing ok, not great, but ok. The financial sector however has come out on top because they are taking immediate cuts of investments that then don't return what they were meant too. Kay's idea that they should be paid on long term results makes sense to me and I am sure to every other business owner out there - you get paid when you deliver what you promised".

    Source Marketing Direct is proud to be able to contribute to the UK economy, having recently released their financial results for 2011, the small business for the 3rd consecutive year have turned over an average of just over half a million a year solely from its UK operations.

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