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  • Dave Heuvel
  • 297 Power ct suite 101, 297 Power ct suite 101
  • Phone: 4075585754
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  • The Smart Baking Company is a family operated health food manufacturer.Our 10000 sqft production plant is located in Sanford, Florida and will feature an automatic snack cake and hamburger bun production line.
Smart Baking Company Press Release -

  • America's first healthy snack cake is going beyond gluten free
  • The Smartcake™ is a gluten free, 38 calorie snack cake that is being released by the Smart Baking Company on April 18th 2016. The Smartcake is America's first cake that may be called "healthy" according to FDA standards.
  • Consumers are swimming in an ocean of gluten free products. From gluten free breads to even gluten free call outs on products like salt, black pepper ...
  • April 18, 2016