Skipjack Series II Fund of Funds (FoF) Launch

Top Quote Skipjack launched the first “Digital FoF” with two goals in mind: promote Skipjack to increase market penetration, and provide high value investment. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 11, 2019 - Today, 7 January 2019 at 3 PM Eastern time New York, Skipjack will launch its Series II of FOF 2019, making history by becoming one of the first to launch a Fund of Funds (FoF) in digital currency. Series II launch is the next stage of our FoF Series, which was successfully launched last August- December 2018.

    In 2013, Ethereum launched its unregulated IPO in digital currency called Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and made history by raising $ 1 billion dollars. This unprecedented and innovative strategy turned the ICO intova billion dollar market.

    Skipjack’s FoF is set to challenge ICO and create a new avenue that will be as successful, if not more, as the ICO industry. We believe that billions of dollars will be invested in the FoF market in the near future.

    Why Not ICO?
    Unlike most startups, Skipjack has a valuation of above $5B. This means that Skipjack is not looking for funding and investment from public in order to operate and expand; hence, we opt for FoF over ICO. In addition, ICOs is known for its negative publicity to which Skipjack wish not to be associated with.

    Skipjack launched the first “Digital FoF” with two goals in mind: promote Skipjack to increase market penetration, and provide high value investment. Skipjack FoF and its funding is designed to regulate market trading in top exchange like NYSE in Morgan Stanley Index MSCI World Index, which currently has a market cap of $3 trillion. Skipjack FoF is the first in the market to launch FoF in digital currency format, and one that ensure high annual return for investors.

    For over 50 years, FoF is dominated by the upper class with a minimum annual income of $1 million. There never was an opportunity for average income earners to earn profit from it. Skipjack aims to change all that.

    We know FoF is the biggest financial market in the world. Banks and big corporations are earning profits from it with a guaranteed return of 60% to more than 500% annually. Imagine a fund manager like George Soros being paid 30% to 50% fee for managing billion of dollars through FoF. If managers are making 30% fee, how much more are investors making?

    Based on our forecasting and market prediction, Skipjack FoF will trade in 2019 in MSCI world index and other index hedge funds with more than $3 trillion market cap exceeding that of Bitcoin.

    This shows that Skipjack dimes will not have any liquidity issues once launched in the market and with FoF strategy, it will push the Skipjack price higher than we expect.

    This strategy gives Skipjack real asset value in dime as we pegged with underlying asset in the world’s biggest trading market in hedge fund of funds and derivatives market. This is totally different from other digital currency. We will have stable dimes price and market. Our investors will make profit and capital gain as high as 500% in FoF within a year depending on the market.

    Our MSCI world index is the most stable with more than 30 years history financials in FoF market, reaching this year index price at $500 per shares. If you want higher profits and dividends, lock the FoF investment for more than 2 years. Your investment term options in FoF are 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years.

    Invest and join Skipjack FoF with a minimum lot of $20,000. For first 50 lots, investors will receive FoF dimes and Skipjack common shares for free with a lock-in period of 5 years.

    Invest now from 7 January 2019 until 30 June 2019 FOF SERIES II and get higher FoF bonus.
    You can also be one of our agent or fund manager representative and start your lucrative financial career with us.

    Initial FoF Offering (FOF, dime as convertible instrument)

    Terms of the Skipjack dime (SJK) offering:

    1. Maximum CAP: 100,000,000 SJK
    2. Bonus Dimes:
    · 50% (07 Jan – 28 Feb )
    · 40% (1 March – 30 April)
    · 20% (1 May – 30 June)
    3. FoF Sale period is from 7 January, 2019 @ 1PM EST until 30 June , 2019 @ 1PM EST
    4. Accepted currencies: BTC / ETH (Alternate payment methods available during pre-sale ONLY)
    5. Dime distribution date: Immediate (but locked until pre FOF completion and maturity FoF)

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