Sammy Davis Jr. Played 'Cupid' For Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Top Quote Altovise Davis revealed that her husband played a special role, and had a close relationship with the iconic couple during the beginning of their forbidden courtship. Sammy helped Elizabeth and Richard arrange clandestine meetings. "The Last Chapter in the Life of Mrs. Sammy Davis, Jr." offers an amazing glimpse into the lifestyles of these and other superstars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) April 10, 2011 - In the book, "The Last Chapter in the Life of Mrs. Sammy Davis, Jr." the late Altovise Davis revealed the special role that Sammy Davis, Jr. played in helping Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton arrange clandestine meetings near the beginning of their secret affair.

    "Sammy would take Elizabeth out," said Altovise, "but it was just a cover, just a way to help them meet in secrecy. He'd pick her up in his car, and since no one thought anything of it, they weren't ever followed. But, then, he'd drive her straight to the place where she'd meet Richard."

    Elizabeth's highly profiled love life was not unlike Sammy's own escapades. Both of these superstars were hounded by the paparazzi, and both provided some of the most tantalizing stories to hit the headlines. Despite the media coverage of their lives throughout the years, there were always questions left unanswered, and perhaps, it's only their loved ones who've ever known the answers.

    Pamela Sherrod met Altovise Davis in 2005 when she was looking for a ghostwriter to help with her autobiography. Mrs. Davis wanted to set the record straight about the rumors that still lingered about her unconventional 'open' marriage. Altovise was married for twenty years to Sammy Davis Jr., the iconic entertainer who showered her with luxurious furs, cars, and an opulent lifestyle. He also introduced her to 'swinging' habits, which included wife-swapping and a heavy reliance on alcohol and drugs. Their frequent parties were attended by numerous celebrities, and they hung out with friends such as Elvis and Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. Within their star-studded circles the sky was the limit, at least until 1990, when Sammy lost his battle with cancer. After inheriting the debts that would topple their estate, Altovise's extravagant world caved in, and she was practically buried in the rubble. While much was documented about their personal lives, following Sammy's death, Altovise became somewhat of a mystery. After years of relative obscurity she ended up in Sarasota, Florida, where she was introduced to Sherrod.

    Altovise died on March 14, 2009 before she could finally address the controversies that surrounded her life. At the time, she was embroiled in a legal battle over the rights to the Sammy Davis, Jr. Estate, and a tug-of-war over a movie to be filmed about her husband's legacy. There was more at state, however, than just the rights to a motion picture and the murky issues surrounding Sammy's estate. There was another battle, another tragic story unfolding - the one which no one ever spoke of.

    Sherrod, a Christian writer, witnessed the unsettling realities of Altovise's world, and learned difficult lessons that would test her own faith. From them, she'd embark on a ministry that she never expected to launch. Within the book, she records the chronology of events that took place before Altovise's death, and the nature of her struggles and triumphs during the last years of her life.

    Pamela Sherrod lives in Sarasota, Florida. Her book, "The Last Chapter in the Life of Mrs. Sammy Davis, Jr.," was released to warn youth of the hidden dangers of addiction, support art programs for recovering young addicts, and finance projects planned for RisingStar31 Productions. She continues the work she began with Mrs. Davis, with plans to produce inspirational books and films for young adults.

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