Saen Higgins Tax Lien Recommendation Touts Qualified Retirement Plans

Top Quote Saen Higgins, a renowned property tax lien certificate specialist, has suggested an innovative way to acquire funds for use at tax sales. This Saen Higgins tax lien idea involves using money from your retirement account to purchase the certificates. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 27, 2011 - Sacramento, CA - The key, according to Higgins, is having the right type of retirement plan. His recommendation…a Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP), as opposed to a non-qualified plan. In other words, it should meet the requirements of Internal Revenue Code Section 401(a) and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), which makes it eligible for favorable tax treatment.

    "Most Americans are fed up with their retirement accounts…and they should be," notes Saen Higgins. "They feel that they have no control over it. A retirement plan can be a great investment tool if it is understood and managed right, but you must be the one who manages your own account."

    According to Higgins, if the retirement plan is out of your control, with some faceless money manager making the investments and handling the mutual funds, you are putting yourself at risk. Instead, Higgins highly recommends that people really educate themselves about their choices.

    "When my students talk about a 'self directed retirement account,' it makes me crazy," says Higgins, "because they think that means going down to a bank or to some big brokerage firm and opening what is sold as a 'self directed retirement account.' The problem is that it is anything but self directed. The account manager is actually doing the directing by making you buy the investment product that his firm offers."

    Saen Higgins tax lien expert says that he has set up a QRP for himself, and that the key is for the account owner to be the administrator and the trustee. Then you have a retirement account that is truly "self directed," and you can roll money over from old accounts, invest in houses, stocks, bonds and, of course, tax lien certificates.

    Higgins believes that investors should get solid advice from a professional who has no vested interest in how they set up their account.

    "Be careful if you talk to a retirement 'expert' because many of them don't like the QRP," warns Higgins. "Why not? The reason is simple…there is no fee structure set up for them to make money within the QRP, and you can invest in almost anything. That includes those investments that they don't sell, like tax lien certificates, which pay you on average 16-25% interest, mandated by state law."

    Saen Higgins tax lien expert is a self-made multimillionaire and a world-renowned lecturer and author on the subject of tax lien certificates and property tax deeds. For more information about his money-making techniques with property tax lien certificates, visit or

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