S.P.I.C. Releases Fiery Rock Album

Top Quote Punk, rock and anything and everything explosive in-between characterizes the music of S.P.I.C. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) August 13, 2011 - Marfa, Texas seems to be a modest-sized town, population 2, 4000. But it's a weird place. Consider this: Marfa comes from a character in a Russian novel, was the location for the late-great James Dean's last movie, and since the 1800s has been popular for the mysterious Marfa ghost lights - you know, unexplained glowing spheres that appear randomly in the night air east of town.

    And it only gets weirder. Because Marfa is home to something astonishing and out-of-the-ordinary. A blinding, white-hot, bird-flipping supernova of a band called Satanic Punk International Conspiracy - S.P.I.C.

    With that name, expect the unexpected. S.P.I.C. is an ultra-manic, high-energy punk band of a trio of music raconteurs - David Garcia (lead singer/guitar), his brother JD Garcia (bass/vocals), and Ryan 'Pinksy' Penland (drums). Brothers David and JD were punk-rock aficionados in their teens. Blame Green Day's 1994 album 'Dookie' for getting them hooked. Later they learned about the Sex Pistols and Fugazi and paid their dues in crappy local bands. These early misfires lead to a surefire thing, S.P.I.C. 'The band name was kind of a drinking decision, an inside joke. This (Marfa) is a really Catholic town, and the nuns who saw our fliers gave us a hard time', David says. In 2005 they started to be shock jocks by stirring up controversy - first, by their very unconventional, taboo-shattering band name, then getting spectacularly barred from local hangouts for their out-of-control antics.

    These days, though, S.P.I.C. is ready for the whipping they're going to get, not for being outrageously sinister but for their music. The trio's explosive album debut 'Day Drunk' under the Pop 2121 label is about to blow the minds and eardrums alike of their dusty desert home.

    How do S.P.I.C. describe their sound? 'The prefect sampling of S.P.I.C.'s singular brand of sardonic, pinched-nose irreverence and caustic-but-catchy melodies, Day Drunk's nine raging blasts blaze by in barely 24 minutes, leaving a trail of broken glass and snot-covered wordage behind.' Yeah, they're not kidding around. From track 'Fate Notices Those Who Buy Chainsaws' (about an accidental chainsaw suicide), to 'Didn't Know That One Could Feel So Divine', to 'Hitsville TX, and 'The Tedium', S.P.I.C. spew out debauchery over pounding rhythms and grinding guitars.

    S.P.I.C. have even gained a fan for their uncanny brand of music in artist-patron, painter Wilhem Sasnal. So impressed was he that he flew the band to his native Poland to perform at a Warsaw art opening. S.P.I.C. also attracted visual artist Jeff Elrod. '(The band) really inspired me. They have this great, raw energy, but they're also sharp, well-read kids, into (Edgar Allan) Poe, (J.D.) Salinger, Patti Smith. Their music's actually sophisticated'. Sophisticatedly wicked cool, all right. Vice Magazine, a notoriously cynical publication, gave their two-cents in calling S.P.I.C. as 'just the right amount of shouty and snotty and funny'. Not bad for sardonic rockers who come from a Catholic town with mysterious glowing lights.

    Watch out for more S.P.I.C. converting you to their depraved and wicked ways. Download their album 'Day Drunk' at iTunes distributed by JMD Records and INgrooves, a partner of Universal Music Group.

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