Riot Protection For The 99 Percent: The peoples' band, Fading Point will show you how to survive the riots

Top Quote Fading Point, a local heavy metal band, has raised funds to provide fans with gas masks in order to protect themselves in up-coming protests for the 99 Percent. Although the band advocates non-violence, they realized that the tensions between police and protesters was growing out of hand and common civilians needed protection. End Quote
  • Phoenix-Mesa, AZ (1888PressRelease) November 19, 2011 - Riot Protection For The 99 Percent: The peoples' band, Fading Point will show you how to survive the riots

    Southern Arizona's premier hard rock band plans to show fans how to survive certain up-coming riots. Fading Point, a regionally touring hard-rock outfit, acquired a supply of functioning military grade Finnish gas masks to issue to fans because of rising tensions in the Occupy movements. The band began playing music for protesters in mid-October and plans to continue doing so, but with added precautions said the band's booking agent.

    A band representative said that Fading Point is completely against protests getting violent, destroying property or interfering with the police, such as the events that led up to Oakland's uprising. James Martinez, Fading Point's bassist stated "No one can achieve their goals by getting arrested. It certainly wont help you get a job or cut government spending by causing law enforcement to spend more time and money controlling the situation; however, more riot-control measures will certainly recur in the near future." The band went on to say that above all else they want their loyal fans to be safe at the protests and at regular gigs as well.

    Government spending has been the root of the vast amount of riots in recent months, both in the U.S. and abroad, such as in Greece. Fading Point has taken the initiative to protect the people exercising their right to make their voices heard. The gas masks were paid for by the bands incessant gigging and through contributions made by those who want to ensure others are kept safe via the Music for Masks Program, instituted by the band.

    The band has been in the works with local "survivalists" who routinely stock up for calamity and routinely have military gear. Fading Point has expressed an interest in acquiring bullet proof vests after innocent people have been shot with rubber bullets and more recently, killed. However, there are much stricter laws regarding body armor and a heftier price, so it remains to be seen if this is feasible for the band.

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