Producer and songwriter Stephen Star releases new LP "Star Kids Music Club Presents: Pop Rock"

Top Quote Stephen Star, Los Angeles based composer and leader of the Star Kids Music Club, has released his full-length album, "Star Kids Music Club Presents: Pop Rock" as half of a two-part release. End Quote
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (1888PressRelease) November 27, 2012 - This digital record has a classic-rock tone in the tradition of rock n' roll's best pop performers from the American fifties, sixties and seventies, covering such widely varied and popular styles as that of the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Queen, Roy Orbison, Chuck Barry, David Bowie, the Kinks, and much more. The music of Star Kids Music Club is intended to fill the gap between music for toddlers (such as Sesame Street) and music for adults, much like the work of alternative music geniuses They Might Be Giants, and easily as effective. Like other releases from the Star Kids Music Club, each track is not only expertly performed and engineered, but also so cleverly written and catchy that adult listeners will often find themselves wishing that the pop rock churned out by the music industry for adults were more comparable to it in terms of all-around quality and musicianship.

    Star's lyrics in "SKMC Presents: Pop Rock" are entirely original and brilliantly written. True to the heart and soul of rock n' roll, Star's lyrics in his "Pop Rock" edition are less humorous than the themes found on his "Country Pop" Star Kids Music Club record, opting instead for lines about courageousness, character, confidence, feelings, and friendship, as well as a slough of others. True also to the high quality of the Star Kids... line of record releases, each of Stephen Star's carefully crafted lines sounds natural in cadence, rhyme and meter, his diction careful without sounding forced. His balanced use of poetic devices such as symbolism, alliteration and assonance make for extremely enjoyable listening, as well as an excellent introduction to higher writing skills for growing boys and girls. Star's writing is some of the best available, either for adults or for children.

    Stephen Star is not new to music, nor to the study of human intellectual development. A Grammy-nominated songwriter, he also has a working educational background in sociology and psychology. He is a graduate of Shenandoah Conservatory of Music, and has worked for years with music professionals worldwide. Of his goal as a songwriter, Star writes, "Kids need songs to open their minds, and to provide them with positive messages from a friend. I wrote [this record] to be an album that kids, their friends, and their parents can listen to together, opening a line of communication about the topics in the songs."

    The music on "Star Kids Music Club Presents: Pop Rock" succeeds at this as well as the other Star Kids records - perhaps even a little better, if that's possible, owing to the sheer variety of tone available from the pop rock genre - and it belongs on the same top shelf with the best music for kids available today. Parents would do very well to give "SKMC Presents: Pop Rock" a listen, and also to pay attention to the other half of the Star Kids Music Club twin release, "Country Pop."

    -Sean McCauley
    MondoTunes Staff Writer

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