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  • JMD Distribution supplies the largest music distribution in the world and provides upstream services for many major labels in search of breakout artists. While most independent distributors reach only 45-50 retailers despite charging needless monthly and yearly fees, JMD Distribution reaches over 750 retailers and mobile partners in over 100 world regions without any monthly or yearly fees.

    JMD Distribution has the resources and network infrastructure needed to seamlessly distribute music, video and mobile products. What makes JMD Distribution unique is their unmatched ability to provide the largest global digital distribution in conjunction with a comprehensive world-wide online marketing campaign to maximize artists hype and exposure.

    We are the only global distributor that assists in marketing and promotions. We want to assist and support artists efforts in getting music heard by the masses.

    Our veteran team has familiarity and hands on experience that covers songwriting, production, A&R, booking, tour management, marketing, distribution, media and licensing.

    Artists retain 100% ownership of your master recordings, publishing, and songwriting credits.
    JMD Distribution was created by musicians for musicians.
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