PLASTIFORM polymerizes advanced non-destructive testing solutions

Top Quote PLASTIFORM has a range of environmentally friendly solutions that use polymer compounds to carry out non-destructive testing (NDT), surface protection and fixing in place, which can be carried out on most objects. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 29, 2013 - The polymerization process used by the specialist company also allows these actions to take place in underwater projects. PLASTIFORM is a world leader in dimensional print moulding for NDT, and its solutions are readily available in the UK through the company's Leicester office.

    Specialising in polymer compounds that have unique technical features, PLASTIFORM produces environmentally friendly products that are clean and safe for the user. The materials that PLASTIFORM uses are made up of two components that solidify upon contact. This polymerization, which lasts for approximately six minutes, does not lead to any loss of mass and results in a minimal loss of volume.

    This unique feature allows the material made with PLASTIFORM technology to imitate all details of a surface, including its dimensions, form and texture, to a precision better than 1Ám. PLASTIFORM's products create perfect 3D replicas for various uses, including metrology control. The company's technology has applications across all areas of activity, from aerospace and the automotive industry to cosmetics and the medical sector.

    As the polymerization is anaerobic, the PLASTIFORM material can be used to take imprints under water and can, therefore, be used for testing on offshore platforms, on hydraulic dams, or in nuclear plants.

    The PLASTIFORM material can be applied on every kind of surface, including metals, alloys, PVC, wood and plaster panels. The product does not stick to the surfaces it is applied to, other than silicon-based materials.

    The material also features shape-retention memory. When solid, the PLASTIFORM shape will return to its form, even if temporarily distorted. This enables the imitation of very complex geometrical forms, as the replica can be misshaped during its retrieval from the model, and it will nevertheless invariably return to its original shape.

    PLASTIFORM products have various applications, including dimensional control. The user can create casts of both the internal and external features of an object, which makes it possible to measure hard-to-access components (such as a thread root or a bearing distance) without affecting the object.

    The company's products can also be used for roughness control - also known as surface profile Ra - that is up to 0.4 Ám faithful to the original. The roughness of a surface can then be measured directly on some casts using a surface meter, or by comparison with a standard.

    Similarly, a number of PLASTIFORM compounds enable the user to create a replica, allowing for the measurement of a surface's finish, including flatness and curvatures, or even fractures, striations and mechanical damages.

    Additionally, the PLASTIFORM range facilitates the production of exact duplicates. A silicone-based compound is used to produce the negative mould of a part, which is used to create a resin-based positive mould. More particularly, this method is used to generate checking gauges.

    Furthermore, PLASTIFORM products can be used to protect certain areas of a part during surface treatment, including sandblasting, painting and chemical treatment. PLASTIFORM's custom-made seals are resistant to chemicals, water and oil.

    Finally, positioning and clamping a part are two basic operations in most manufacturing industries. PLASTIFORM products enable these to be achieved easily and efficiently, by providing new solutions that fix, clamp and add strength to parts: this is achieved through the use of infinitely re-usable Re-Form crystals.

    PLASTIFORM is manufactured by RIVELEC, a family-owned company specialising in industrial supplies. PLASTIFORM is a world leader in dimensional print moulding for non-destructive testing (NDT).

    The company is headquartered in Aubergenville, near Paris (France). RIVELEC has a representative in the UK, who is based in Leicester (in England).

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