Planting Puzzle - was launched the first digital platform dedicated to garden projects

Top Quote Starting today, we can even purchase garden arrangements in just a few minutes, directly from the browser, on – the world's first modular garden projects shop online. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) May 01, 2018 - Technology advances in fast forward and allows us to simplify processes that normally would take weeks, if not months. We now pay bills and shop without having to move around and waste our time at endless lines. From clothes, devices, food, to various digital products, the internet seems to offer us everything we need, with a minimal effort on our part, translated by just a few clicks. And starting today, we can even purchase garden arrangements in just a few minutes, directly from the browser, on – the world's first modular garden projects shop online.

    Most likely, if you have tried to arrange a garden, you have seen that it requires sustained effort and documentation, and most of the time, the invested time is not always successful, as over a year or two the garden did not look the way you wanted it. Things are however simple, when you address to a specialist.

    Web designer with a background in economic journalism, Bianca Dobrescu and landscape architect, Alexandru Pripiş, did bet on a digital platform dedicated to modular gardening projects, launching Planting Puzzle, following an investment of about 20,000 Euros, from personal sources.

    “About 12 years ago, a teacher told us from the very first classes at the Faculty that making a garden is not for every pocket. This has not changed over time, on the contrary: the tasteful arrangement of the space around the house has become an increasingly exclusive service. We decided to come up against this problem by implementing the Planting Puzzle project, confident that soon, it will become a landmark in residential landscaping and not only”, explains Planting Puzzle co-founder, Alexandru Pripiş.

    “Generally Romanians are DIY amateur, and often is seen the idea of ​doing with your hand because it’s cheaper. Therefore, Planting Puzzle corresponds exactly to this tradition, and customers can now build their own garden arrangements by buying our projects, and having however the option to address at a specialised Company’s services. Basically, we offer an online gardening service design based on a modular plant system, easy to use and supported by useful documentation so you will not be able to fail”, continues Bianca Dobrescu, co-founder of the project.

    At the moment, those who want to arrange their own garden can do it on their own, usually driven by the desire to invest not too much, or they address to a landscape architect’s services for a personalized project, but which translates into higher prices and longer development time. “People in the first category often spend more time and money than those who pay a specialist. There are countless cases where someone is trying to arrange their own garden, and after a year or two of experimenting, with plants that die or not grow well because of the inappropriate association between species, or due to a choice of wrong species for the physical climate conditions specific to their area, be unsatisfied with the layout. Finally, many of them will address to a specialist for help”, adds Alexandru Pripiş.

    Planting Puzzle is therefore an intermediate solution. “We are here to fill the gap between the options. Those who want a beautiful garden can build it in a very short time and without needing any in-depth documentation, by buying our modules at affordable prices to anyone. We provide all the necessary documentation to arrange the garden, even on their own”, completes Bianca Dobrescu.

    Garden projects are generally expensive because their development takes a long time. The parallel use of several software, the carefulness to place each plant in its place and the knowledge needed to create a balanced composition, are just a few of the aspects that Planting Puzzle solves in a matter of minutes. More precisely, in a scenario with an average of 400 square meters garden, you can arrange with six modular projects to be multiplied (in different positions) to a total average price of 470 Euros while for a unique project on today’s market, a specialist can charge about 800-900 Euros, on the same surface and with the same delivered documentation. And time makes a major difference, as with Planting Puzzle you have the project a few clicks away, while a unique project is developed in about four weeks.

    Starting today, you can be your own landscape architect. With Planting Puzzle platform, the journey from desire to a complete project takes only a few minutes. Currently, 40% of the modules in the store are priced below 50 Euros, 25% are priced between 50 and 100 Euros, while 34% are over 100 Euros.

    Planting Puzzle is a perfect service for private customers, but also for construction, architecture or design Companies. “When we started working on the platform, we also had in mind the related design or construction Companies. If you are an architect, and the customer for whom you’re doing the house design also wants the garden arrangement, you no longer need specialized personnel. All you need to do is entering the website and in a few minutes you can have several garden variants to present to your customer, and the costs are considerably reduced”, points Bianca Dobrescu.

    When you buy a project through, you are not receiving a plan only. You receive the planting plan that is required for execution also, photorealistic simulation with the plants group, and presentation sheets with each species at planting and maturity age, along with other requirements specific to each of it. Therefore, the documentation is complete and easy to understand.

    Garden arrangements can be ordered in minutes from digital store on your cellphone, tablet, PC or laptop. Their value can be paid by browser, credit card/PayPal or direct bank transfer.

    How it works?

    The user accesses the store page on, and from the filter bar can customize specifically which projects to be displayed. Without somebody else's help, anyone can find the most suitable projects for any space to be arranged: if you have a shady or sunny garden, if you want to arrange a yard corner, plant along the fence or you want something central, if you want green plants all year round with deciduous leaves, or looking for an arrangement with decorative herbage, you can choose according to the length of the desired arrangement, but also according the preference of the colors you want to predominate in the garden. Basically, you choose, download, build.

    Because it addresses to all Europe, on the filter bar can be found also the option to select the climate zone to which the user belongs, because the plants living well in Portugal for example, do not live in the climate conditions in Poland or Hungary. Currently, all the projects in the store are suited to the climate in our Country, but the two entrepreneurs have proposed to diversify in the future.

    Bianca Dobrescu is a Web Designer. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest and has an economic journalist background. Over the years, she has worked for Media Institutions in Romania such as Bursai, Business Cover, Forbes, Leaders Reunited or Capital, and in 2017 she has set up her own business.

    Alexandru Pripiş is a member of the Romanian Association of Professional Landscapers, AsoP – Bucharest-Ilfov Territorial Branch and a graduate of the Landscape Studies Department of the Faculty of Horticulture – USAMVB. He is passionate about approaching innovative techniques in landscaping, encouraging the achievement of modern works that can benefit from concepts implementation such as “green design”, sustainability and durability. He has also been working as a freelancer in the field since 2009, being the initiator of Gedeus Architectural Office.

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