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"Passionately telling your story with clarity, impact and authenticity."
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Jeff Pizzino
405 W Bentrup St.,
Chandler, Arizona, United State 85225
Email: jeff@pizzinovations.com
Phone: 480-606-8292
FAX: 480-606-8292
What Makes us Different?
When you work with PizzInovations (peetz zee' no vay' shuns), you'll find we have high ethics and integrity; a natural flair for innovation and creativity, and impeccable copywriting and editing skills. We're very strategic based, detail oriented, results driven and customer-focused—and you'll love how unwaveringly passionate we'll be for your company and your product(s).

We embrace an employee-centric philosophy. Our conviction is doing PR from the "inside-out" will reap you the best rewards. In other words, communicating often—with clarity and transparency—to your employees will help to create employee ambassadors who will take ownership of their job and whole-heartedly support your vision. And guess what? Happy employees = happy customers! Ultimately, this approach can help you to preserve your reputation, maintain your competitive edge, and increase your profitability.
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No. of full-time employees: 1
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Public relations and corporate communications services.
Pizzinovations Llc - Company Description
Pizz!novations is a PR firm that passionately tells your story with clarity, impact and authenticity. Specialize in creating content for Web site newsrooms. Love working with innovative start-up that have a great story to tell. Can do local or national campaigns.
Key Clients
Pro Energy Consultants, Executives Network, Competitive Fitness, LightRailConnect.com, IM Telling LLC, The E.T. Horn Company
  • Adiant Solutions
  • Converus
  • Executives Network
  • Highmark Franchising
  • Starscapes International
  • Vmt Technologies, Llc
Focus Area
  • Consumer
  • Employment Opportunity
  • Advertising, Public Relations & Marketing
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Teaching / Learning / Tutoring
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