Pause Author, Rachael O’Meara, Releases Follow-up Book on the Power of Journaling and Creating the Life You Want

Top Quote Today marks the exciting launch of X-Googler Rachael O'Meara Pause the Journal: How to Use Intentional Writing to Create Your Dreams. Regardless of how much time, money, or resources you have, Pause: The Journal is a great find to write and explore what can happen. Explore the prompts of the journal, whether it’s noting your energy levels, your vision or headline to orient to, and what you are do End Quote
  • San Francisco, CA (1888PressRelease) February 19, 2022 - Today marks the exciting launch of x-Googler Rachael O’Meara’s latest book Pause the Journal: How to Use Intentional Writing to Create Your Dreams. The book outlines step-by-step how to journal effectively to create the life of our dreams, and includes exercises to get started.

    As a follow-up to her book Pause (Tarcher Perigee: 2017) on how to get unstuck or out of overwhelm, Rachael defines a pause as any intentional shift in behavior. As an executive coach, O’Meara specializes in proven tools and strategies to help leaders reclaim their lives as they amplify their impact and leadership.
    Rave reviews are coming in about Pause the Journal from renowned authors and figures:

    Author and businesswoman, Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global, calls it “a powerful way to connect with ourselves on a daily basis, helping us to boost our well-being, lower our stress and achieve our goals.”

    Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness states, “Pause: the Journal offers a guided practice to help you appreciate your life. I recommend it for whatever is happening for you right now. Clearly, Rachael is on to something.”

    About the Book
    Below is content included in Pause the Journal:
    90 Days of pages to allow readers to create more space in their lives and gain more clarity in what they truly desire.

    Daily prompts for setting intentions for the day and getting more done in less time.
    A step-by-step roadmap for simplifying the journaling experience so readers don’t feel overwhelmed and can finally stick with something.
    A natural companion guide to Pause the book to help start intentionally shifting the behaviors.

    “I thought it was important to get this book out there with the aftermath of Covid-19 lockdown, the Great Resignation, and burnout in general, from a job to taking care of children, to help people manage their mental and emotional health. It is so important right now to function as a society,” says Rachael. “Journaling effectively is so powerful, not only to alleviate stress, but also to identify and manifest the goals we’re working towards, whatever they may be.”

    Exercises in Pause: The Journal help readers orient towards the positive (our brains naturally gravitate to the negative) and connect what one’s deeper desires. Whether it’s about dreams, frustrations, or processing the day, journaling reduces rumination and promotes action.

    Excerpts from the Book
    Rate your energy level.
    What do you desire today? Is it a list of tactical to-dos you want to finish, or is it a yearning you want fulfilled? Or both?
    Celebration & gratitude pause - Celebrate something! Get into the pause-a-tive mindset, which helps us become more creative, open to pause-a-bilities, and visionary.
    Clearly Pausing is a hot topic. Pause: The Journal can be found and purchased on in paperback or as an ebook here:

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