Our Thanksgiving Tradition Incorporated a Turkey Bowl Soccer Game Back in the Day

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  • Abilene, TX (1888PressRelease) September 14, 2017 - For some cause identified only towards the most astute of social scientists, there are going to be a lot of soccer and football games going on in our neighborhood parks tomorrow morning. Families and mates will lace them up for a pre-feast celebration of your connection of sport with Thanksgiving Day. (Why, I bet it was Indians 37- Pilgrims 17 in that very first Turkey Bowl. Naturally, the Native Americans had been the major losers in later years.)

    We employed to have our own entry within this tradition. My wife includes a big loved ones, so brothers and cousins, in-laws and pals, all in various states of fitness and ability, started to kick it about in1980 around the decrease fields at Riverview Gardens Higher College. We'd possess a handful of beers and reconnect inside a way that lent value towards the vacation.

    Amidst the good-natured "ragging" and threats to "nail" that cousin who just dribbled by means of our legs, there was time for you to catch up around the households, which at that time, had been all inside a growth pattern. Great old Uncle Dickie could generally be counted on to hang back by the aim, offsides becoming just among the several guidelines we did not enforce, and pump in his share of shots. The "Koeller Classic", because it came to become referred to as, grew in reputation, probably culminating the year Uncle Buddy sprung for red and gold team shirts, and my brother-in-law Jerry's jeweler pals put up a fake Rolex for the MVP award. 1 year, a buddy was going to sky-dive onto the field, but, alas, cloudy skies place a damper on that grand entrance. We were a big-time Turkey Bowl in these days, and played a fairly good brand of ball. As our children grew up, it became a rite of passage for the male members of your clan to move up from their side games to play inside the match with the "big kids".

    So with most of the women-folk house baking and cooking and listening to Barry Manilow along with the Osmonds Christmas albums, we were performing our portion to carry on the days household theme.

    But, as issues are likely to do, it became tougher and harder to acquire everybody with each other every single year. Families grew, obligations changed, sons left town. Issues drifted. It's been six years because the last gathering. And also the founders on the game, my generation? Effectively, some of us hung in there longer than other folks, but we just never have the wheels for it anymore. Use to become, I could scoot about a soccer field for hours. Now, watching a game, I wonder how I ever did it. (I could not run these days if I was smack in the path of a 5 ton gorilla. He'd be flossing his teeth with my shoelaces.)

    So it looks like I will be just having in the way from the preparations this year. Or possibly I can rustle up some on the "old-timers" to get a game where we get to drive around in tiny carts and scuffle through the leaves in search of that errant slice.

    Either way, I'm going to dig up that red tee-shirt to put on under my new argyle sweater, sit with some grandkids by the fireplace, and dream of scoring the winner.

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