OMICS Publishing Group Conference on Biodiversity and Sustainable Energy Development

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  • (1888PressRelease) March 03, 2013 - Biodiversity in its complexity is difficult to determine and explore because of its natural strategy and that it covers quasi all life on earth. World-wide is biological diversity plays a key role. Through several aspects such as changes of land use and habitat destruction are whole ecosystems (e.g. rainforests or coral reefs) and many species (e.g. Pandas) severely threatened.

    What is Biodiversity?
    Biological diversity or Biodiversity is the variety of life around us with life of all kinds, from the largest animals to the smallest plant. Its complexness is measured in terms of variations at inherited, varieties, and echo system levels.

    Why Biodiversity is very important?
    Bio-diversity is very essential for many factors. It provides financial advantages, defends individual protection, and provides relaxing or visual entertainment. Every living thing has a position in what we contact the "balance of nature", and unpleasant that stability can have unknown results, from which, more often than not, we are the losers.

    Particular threats include:
    -Population growth
    -Pollution (industrial pollutants that cause acid rain)
    -Global climate change (the greenhouse effect and destruction of the ozone layer)
    -Habitat destruction (burning or downing of old-growth forests)
    -Over exploitation of natural resources (illegal trade of fauna and flora)
    -Invasion by presented species
    These and other human activities cause varieties to become extinct and thus threaten biodiversity. Once species and habitats are lost they can never be replaced.

    Steps to save Biodiversity
    -Without biodiversity there will be no farming. Improving farming and reducing the usage of pesticides and fertilizer are key efforts to saving biodiversity.

    -Roads, industries and housing destroy habitats for animals and plants. If urban and rural development continues to ignore nature, our environment will be dominated by concrete and pollution. This is the Science daily in life of all aspects.

    -Climate modify is considered to be the greatest challenge for humanity. With changing conditions, ecosystems and environments will change as well. It is a responsibility to fight global warming and make sure that species can migrate or adjust to new surroundings.

    -Species and ecosystems need space to develop and recover. At least 10% of all ecosystem types should be under security to maintain nature and natural landscapes.

    -Mostly all fisheries are fully exploited or over-fished. Species like cod, haddock and halibut are already threatened. If we do not move towards sustainable use, there will be no fish left for our grandchildren.

    -If you release a species outside its usual habitat, it might basically die. In other situations, the so-called alien invasive species have thrived and destroyed local flora and fauna. As you never know how things turn out, reducing these invasions is essential.

    -Biodiversity is the foundation for sustainable development. Its ecosystem services provide the basis for all economic activity. Biodiversity concerns need thus be integrated into all areas of policy-making. Measures include market incentives, growth assistance, biodiversity-friendly trade and international governance procedures.

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