OMERIN's PROFIPLAST(R) PBS-USE is game changer for worksite pump market

Top Quote OMERIN Polycable Division, which is part of OMERIN Group, has unveiled its highly innovative PROFIPLAST® PBS-USE cable and carrier. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 08, 2013 - This product is set to change the market for worksite pumps, as pumps can now be displaced by using their power cables, without damaging electrical junctions.

    OMERIN Polycable Division has launched its new product, the PROFIPLAST® PBS-USE cable and carrier. The company, which is part of leading wire-and-cable manufacturer OMERIN Group, has designed the submerged cable for use with worksite pumps.

    Until now, moving a worksite pump via its power cable presented the risk of damaging the electrical junction and, consequently, making the pump unfit for use. However, this relocation is now possible thanks to the latest addition to the PROFIPLAST® range. The product combines power-supply wires and a stainless-steel carrier in one cable.

    The PROFIPLAST® PBS-USE cable ensures that the power supply to worksite pumps is maintained, while the stainless-steel carrier enables the pump to be moved, using the cable. This simple and efficient system means that there is no longer a need to attach a chain. There is also no risk of electrical damage. OMERIN Polycable Division's product presents a significant innovation for manufacturers and users of submerged pumps.

    The latest PROFIPLAST® product includes a built-in stainless steel carrier as well as the power-supply wires for both the pump motor and the thermistor. This is protected by a sheath to insulate the other electric wires in order to protect them from damage. This stainless-steel carrier is suitable for pumps ranging from 25kg to 500kg.

    Approximately 90% of pump failures on worksites are related to a break in the power-supply lead. These cables are often incorrectly used to drag along, carry and move the pump in order to save time. However, as they are not designed to withstand this type of movement, the electrical junctions often give way under the weight of the pump. To remedy this problem, OMERIN Group's R&D Department decided to develop a solution that is adapted to the operational conditions within which worksite pumps are used.

    The PROFIPLAST® PBS-USE cable and carrier is ideal for the power supply of submerged pumps that deal with the collection, pre-treatment, treatment and discharge of waste water; the solution is a technically suitable substitute for the H07RN-F cable. The reasons for this are manifold: the PROFIPLAST® PBS-USE cable's sheath is stronger than a conventional sheath; the OMERIN product is resistant to high pH levels and to leaching and treatment products; and, finally, the PROFIPLAST® PBS-USE cable boasts reinforced mechanical strength.

    Additionally, as competitive, technical alternatives to the RRF and RNF rubber cables, PBS cables are deemed excellent. This is because PBS cables are easy to use, thanks to their flexibility and water tightness, and are among the best value-for-money products on the market.

    PROFIPLAST® PBS-USE cable and carrier is part of the PROFIPLAST® PBS range of power cables. For over 20 years, OMERIN Group has been developing this product range, which has been specially designed for immersion (or submersion) in many liquids, including fresh water and salt water.

    The PROFIPLAST® PBS-USE is ideal for the power supply of submerged, surface and transfer pumps, as well as for sewage and pre-treatment pumps used in individual, collective or agricultural waste-water treatment facilities. Launched in 2011, while still at the test phase, the PROFIPLAST® PBS-USE cable-and-carrier solution has already been chosen by three European pump manufacturers, who have decided to fit their pumps with the OMERIN system.

    •The PROFIPLAST® PBS-R, PBS-R BE, PBS-P and PBS-SUB cables are ideal for the power supply of submerged pumps in direct contact with fresh water or sea water. These pumps are used in projects that involve submerged equipment, such as in lakes or at water-treatment facilities.

    •PROFIPLAST® PBS-PLUS cables are suitable for the power supply of submerged pumps used in waste-water-treatment plants, be it for primary, secondary or tertiary physicochemical treatment or for sludge treatment. These cables are also designed for use in pumping materials in various industries, including the timber, food and paper industries.

    •PROFIPLAST® PBS-SEA cables are watertight and resistant to saline attacks. This product is perfect in supplying electrical control boxes in marinas or on unloading platforms.

    •PROFIPLAST® PBS-SPOT, PBS-POOL and PBS-FLOT are designed for submerged lighting, low-voltage transformers that are used in many swimming-pool accessories, as well as pool-cleaning machines.

    •PROFIPLAST® PBS-W has been specially designed to meet standards in the food sector. The PBS-W is often used by wine-making professionals.

    •PROFIPLAST® PBS-M is ideal for the power supply of submerged measuring instruments such as piezometric sensors, flow sensors and water-quality analysers.

    •PROFIPLAST® PBS-Garden is used in the power supply of watering control systems, robot lawn mowers and pet fencing systems.

    OMERIN Polycable Division is confident in the potential of its new cable range and expects a 10% rise in sales in the PROFIPLAST® PBS product line over the next four years. This range currently accounts for 15% of OMERIN Polycable Division's total sales.

    About OMERIN Polycable Division
    OMERIN Polycable Division was formed following the merger of two companies within OMERIN Group: TS Câbles and Profiplast. OMERIN Polycable Division is a specialist in low-voltage electric cables using a current that can be high or low.

    The company has 70 employees, with a production site of 14,000m˛ that manufactures 30 to 50 tonnes of cable each day. In 2011, OMERIN Polycable Division had a turnover of €20m.

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