NSS Labs awards Dell SonicWALL's SuperMassive E10800 prestigious 'Recommend' rating in 2012 Security Value Map for Intrusion Prevention Systems

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  • (1888PressRelease) August 24, 2012 - Today, Dell™ SonicWALL™, the leading provider of intelligent network security and data protection solutions, announced that its SuperMassive™ E10800 Next-Generation Firewall with integrated intrusion prevention system (IPS) running SonicOS 6.0 secured a leadership position in NSS Labs' Security Value Map (SVM) for IPS. The appliance excelled in one of the industry's most comprehensive, real-world tests of intrusion prevention systems. With this, the SuperMassive E10800 not only garnered the coveted 'Recommend' rating in the NSS Labs 2012 SVM for IPS, but also outperformed many dedicated IPS vendors on both security effectiveness and throughput.

    • Dell™ SonicWALL™ SuperMassive™ E10800 Next-Gen Firewall ranks in highest quadrant in independent third-party intrusion prevention system (IPS) tests
    • NSS reports: Resistance to known evasion techniques was perfect, with the Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive SonicOS 6.0 achieving a 100 percent score across the board in all related tests
    • The advanced architecture of the SonicWALL SuperMassive running SonicOS 6.0 provides a high level of protection and performance, comprehensive threat protection and application control in a single integrated device

    In the past, enterprise organizations have needed best-of-breed firewalls as well as best-in-class intrusion prevention systems to stay ahead of exploits which have constantly advanced by developing extremely sophisticated evasion techniques to escape detection and remediation. The most serious of these exploits are those that can remotely compromise a network and enable attackers with the ability to initiate system-level commands. Advanced attacks frequently communicate out to command-and-control centers for instructions and updates. Failure to detect and remediate these exploits can result in significant damage to organizations. Effective intrusion prevention systems require advanced capabilities to combat sophisticated exploits and evasion techniques and enable scanning and inspection of inbound and outbound communications to identify malicious or suspicious communications and protocols.

    For effective threat protection as well as intrusion prevention, organizations need best-in-class firewall and intrusion prevention without the complexity of managing separate appliances, GUIs, and deployments. Dell SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewalls with advanced Intrusion Prevention capabilities can deliver strong resistance to evasion, powerful context and content protection capabilities as well as comprehensive threat protection and application control in a single integrated device.

    NSS Labs - a leading independent security research and testing institute - issued their Network IPS Product Analysis stating, "Resistance to known evasion techniques was perfect, with the Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive SonicOS 6.0 achieving a 100 percent score across the board in all related tests. IP fragmentation, TCP stream segmentation, RPC fragmentation, URL obfuscation, HTML evasion and FTP evasion all failed to trick the product into ignoring valid attacks. Not only were the fragmented and obfuscated attacks blocked successfully, but all of them were also decoded accurately."

    The Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10000 Next-Gen Firewall Series utilizes a patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection® engine to detect and prevent the advanced evasion techniques used to conceal traditional intrusion attacks at all layers of the network stack like application vulnerabilities and blended threats and does so while maintaining high performance and low latency. The solution scans every byte of every packet of inbound and outbound traffic regardless of port and protocol and delivers full content inspection of both plain text and SSL encrypted traffic for comprehensive intrusion prevention, malware protection, and application intelligence and control. Dell SonicWALL's IPS capabilities deliver advanced context awareness including geolocation visibility, user identification, and application identification as well as inspection and identification of documents and content including the ability to scan for administrator-specified custom content such as text strings and credit card numbers.

    In addition to garnering the highly coveted "Recommend" rating in the 2012 NSS Labs Security Value Map (SVM) for IPS, the Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10800 also earned the highest overall protection "Recommend" rating in NSS Labs' 2012 SVM for next-gen firewalls. The E10000 Series is designed to meet the needs of large enterprise, government, and universities and can be deployed as an inline bump-in-the-wire to provide an additional layer of security in an existing network, which is similar to stand-alone IPS products. In addition, it can also be deployed at the gateway, which adds the next-generation firewall threat prevention and security capabilities to provide equipment consolidation and ease of use, leading to lower TCO.

    "When your network is under attack, it doesn't matter where that threat originates - what matters is that you have the tools to stop it," said Patrick Sweeney, executive director, product management, DELL SonicWALL. "These test results validate and verify that the SuperMassive E10800 provides our customers that mission-critical protection to prevent intrusions without compromising throughput."

    According to the NSS Labs' Next-Generation IPS Product Analysis: "For high-end multi-gigabit environments looking to upgrade defenses from their current IPS, the advanced architecture of the SonicWALL SuperMassive running SonicOS 6.0 provides an extremely high level of protection and performance."

    "The increased sophistication of security solutions does not always correspond with improved efficiency," said Dmitriy Ayrapetov, director product management network security, Dell SonicWALL. "We often see IPS solutions that fail to adequately leverage security effectiveness and performance. Unfortunately many systems compromise, offering either security or throughput, but not both. The Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive provides exceptional functionality and a very high standard of protection alongside outstanding performance."

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