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Top Quote G. R. Hathwar joined Indo-Soviet Satellite Project (ISSP) of ISRO in 1973 and he was responsible for designing scientific payloads for Aryabhata satellite, M100 and centaur rockets. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 30, 2016 - Indian Deep Space Network- Mars is not too far. On November 5, 2013, India made history by sending a space probe to Mars. Named Mangalyaan, the mars orbiter mission is a successful venture for Indian space scientists, as the probe has been orbiting Mars since 2014. The orbiter has been sending images of the red planet and its moons for over two years and all the information it has been sending are being used for various researches and studies on our neighboring planet. But have you ever wondered how the data sent by such space probes reach planet earth and are processed into information? How do the signals travel through space and reach the communications systems on earth? If you've had such questions on deep space communications, here's a book that will answer all your doubts and questions. Titled Indian Deep Space Network-Mars not Too Far, the book is penned by G.R. Hathwar. It's published by Notion Press and is now available to readers all over the world.

    The author Hathwar shares with us the fact that deep space communication is overwhelmingly challenging because of the extremely large distance signal has to travel to reach us. Besides the distance, the signal also tends to lose strength and becomes less than a billionth of a billionth of a watt. To step up the weak signals and for the right processing of data signals into information, Hathwar says that complex equipments such as large antenna systems and extremely sensitive electronic systems have to be built.

    This information-rich book is all about deep space communication and the complexities associated with building it. The author has used various approaches to explain readers the strenuous tasks involved in processing data from deep space networks and converting them into comprehensible information. The book includes information on designing and establishing of a deep space network system (like the facility established near Byalalu, Bangalore), has anecdotes on the deep space networks, and features verbal and pictorial representations of complex microwave technology equations. This is a book that aspiring students and space scientists will find immensely informative and a layman will find fascinating. Grab your copy today to decode facts on one of the complex means of communications.

    G. R. Hathwar joined Indo-Soviet Satellite Project (ISSP) of ISRO in 1973 and he was responsible for designing scientific payloads for Aryabhata satellite, M100 and centaur rockets.

    In 1980 he joined INSAT project, and he was instrumental in establishing the Master Control Facility (MCF) at Hassan, for Mission Operation and Control of INSAT series of communication satellites. In 1998 he joined ISRO Telemetry Tracking & Command Network (ISTRAC) as General Manager Mechanical systems Group and, led a team of engineers to modernize all the Earth Stations of ISTRAC. He was the team leader for establishing a down ranging station in BRUNEI for tracking GSLV rockets. He was named the Associate Project Director of the first Deep Space antenna project to support India's first Moon Mission and interplanetary mission-Mission to Mars. His team was responsible for successfully completing this project in a record time for which, they received distinguished achievement award from the honorable Prime minister of India. He held various positions in ISRO, such as General Manager MCF, Group Director Mechanical systems and Deputy Director MSSA ISTRAC. He has published more than twenty research papers and had written two books and present book is his third book.

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