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Top Quote Spiritual Teachings for Young Souls is a compact group of core non-denominational, beginner metaphysical and spiritual teachings, presenting concepts in a way that can be easily understood. It is the author's hope that tweens and young teens will be able to use this information to gain an inner balance, to see the world without fear or judgment and to gain inner strength. End Quote
    Quote...I truly wish I had this when I was growing up... Pamela Shelly, author of 9 Steps to Conscious ParentingQuote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 04, 2012 - Is it really important that "Snookie" from the reality show Jersey Shore changed her hair color?

    Or that pop star Justin Bieber just bought himself another house?

    These are the people that capture a young teens attention. This fast-paced outer world is full of images and messages, subliminal and blatant, that are giving the impression that the only way to be accepted is to be rich, famous, drop dead gorgeous or all of the above.

    Spiritual Teachings helps kids understand that they are a unique soul with a unique mind and body created to fulfill a particular need. It is the perfect vehicle by which their soul can express its special purpose on earth. No one else can do what they can do. Once they understand this concept, they not only will gain a more healthy self-image, they will also be more tolerant and accepting of those that are very different, knowing that each soul has its role to play in the grand scheme of life.

    Introducing them to the energetic world behind the physical exterior, this work can help to release them from the outer pressures of friends and society and help them to see that the world around them is only a small part of their existence. This helps them to become more independent and free-thinking, ultimately bringing them closer to their inner guidance, their intuition, the small voice within.

    Craig Howell's new book Spiritual Teachings for Young Souls began as a way to supply needed practical spiritual knowledge to his teen granddaughter who was taken in by he and his wife after difficult domestic circumstances left her in need of a place to call home. Craig, who has been involved in spiritual and metaphysical work since 1993, then used his writing and teaching skills to attempt to give the teen a more balanced perspective on life, one that would help to ease her conflicted and confused mental and emotional state. The result is this book, now released for the benefit of all teens struggling to make sense of the world they are in and for parents who want to start teaching kids in a more conscious way.

    It is important to point out that Spiritual Teachings offers guidance. This is not a religious text. It is stated at the beginning that the reader of this book should make up their own mind about what is true and that they have the right to believe all, part or nothing of these group of teachings. These are metaphysical concepts that have been brought down through the ages by many different spiritual teachers, each giving the same information in a different way. This is but one more variation on the same teachings, but done with the 20th century child in mind.

    About the Author
    Craig Howell has been working as a published writer in the Spiritual/Metaphysical field since 1993 when he created a local holistic metaphysical publication called "The Wheel" after a miraculous recovery from terminal cancer in 1990 using only spiritual healing and natural remedies. In 2000, he partnered with a Kwan Yin channel and created two books: An inspirational giftbook of channeled verse entitled "A Flower Unfolds" and a larger metaphysical work in question-and-answer format, "Through The Eyes of Kwan Yin". Craig has contributed articles to many publications, online and in print. Currently you can read his latest for Dell Horoscope Magazine in the January 2012 edition. Being an astrologer, he also does private sessions. He is the owner of Super Human Music Publishing, where he creates and distributes his Sacred Sound meditation music and licenses his other creations for film and TV. For the past year, Craig has hosted a blog called "2012 Messages" where he strives to get channeled information about 2012 and beyond and relay this to all in order to release fear about this year and to understand the energetics of this unique time period more fully.

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