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  • Craig Howell
  • URL: http://www.spiritualteachingsbooklet.weebly.com
  • Craig is an writer, musician and astrologer who has authored three books on spirituality and metaphysical thought. His articles continue to be published online and in print. He hosts a blog called "2012 Messages" where he relays information from psychics and channels about 2012 and the Great Shift that we are in now.
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  • New Spiritual Guide Book To Help Teens
  • Spiritual Teachings for Young Souls is a compact group of core non-denominational, beginner metaphysical and spiritual teachings, presenting concepts in a way that can be easily understood. It is the author's hope that tweens and young teens will be able to use this information to gain an inner balance, to see the world without fear or judgment and to gain inner strength.
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  • January 04, 2012