New Software Automates Craigslist Search and Delivers Results Immediately by Email

Top Quote Craigslist fans welcome Ad Finder Pro, a new software that enables them to search for anything in automated fashion, and have the results instantaneously delivered right to their email. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 26, 2010 - Ever since Craigslist burst onto the scene in 1995, millions upon millions of users have been flocking to the site, searching for practically everything that could be marketed, from personal items to professional opportunities. It is no wonder then that this past May, Craigslist has managed to garner the same amount of unique visitors in the United States as eBay. This is no small feat, as eBay has been widely regarded as the place to go to secure a good deal on whatever it is than you need. And, in today's economy, everyone is out looking for a good deal.

    That Craigslist has finally caught up to eBay is no surprise to loyalists, even though eBay once boasted a daily volume 500% better than that of Craigslist. Today, Craigslist is logging over 50,000 unique visitors daily, and that trend continues to rise. Many are pleased with Craigslist's success, although some, in particular the veterans, quietly lament the loss of intimacy that once was the sole domain of Craigslist.

    The problem when a site like Craigslist becomes so busy is that the ads being posted are quickly supplanted by other ads and the search process ends up being progressively more difficult to manage. Worst yet, opportunities are missed because viewers fail to notice the best deals amidst a sea of advertisements.

    It is therefore to great anticipation that Ad Finder Pro is launched. Heralded as the solution to the Craigslist search dilemma, Ad Finder Pro operates in automated fashion, and once set, it will hunt down deals that users are looking for, and when it finds them, it will fire off an email, alerting the user to the presence of the advertisement. This is revolutionary in the sense that users need not prowl Craigslist day and night in an effort to be the first to discover the best deals; instead, users can provide Ad Finder Pro with their search criteria, and the software will tirelessly scour Craigslist, and monitor new postings so that it can send you an alert the moment it detects an advertisement that meets your search criteria.

    This alert feature is not provided by Craigslist, so a person must conduct the search manually, or for high ticket items, consider hiring a search specialist to perform the hunt for them. Often, the search is unsuccessful, and the interested party is left unsatisfied. Well, no longer. "With Ad Finder Pro, people can tell Ad Finder Pro what they are looking for, and the software will comb through new and existing ads, and once it finds something, it will send an email with a compiled list. This list can be sent anywhere, to a computer or a phone so missed opportunities are greatly diminished or eliminated altogether," explained Brad Collie, the genius behind Ad Finder Pro.

    Ad Finder Pro is a unique software that hunts down the ads you are looking for on Craigslist, compiles them into a sorted email, and sends the results right to your computer, mobile phone, or anywhere you can check email...all on autopilot...24 hours a day!

    Brad Collie
    info ( @ ) adfinderpro dot com

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