New Michael Jackson Book Takes You Into Michael's Visionary World

Top Quote Michael Jackson will live forever through the book "Michael In Foreverland." Michael's life was a life of wonder, enthusiasm, and curiosity about the beautiful World around him - The World that he created through his imagination. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 13, 2010 - What was Michael Jackson's Life and World like? To understand Michael - one must enter into his World of Magic, legends and fairytales. Michael's mind was innocent and pure. Yet, Michael was a genius who used his creativity to create music videos that transcended both time and history.

    Michael was lonely, although he lived a life in the Media, constantly surrounded by his Fans and Friends who supported him in his darkest hours. Elizabeth Taylor remained one of his closest Friends throughout all his trials and tribulations, as well as Brooke Shields who loved Michael's smile.

    Michael Jackson had a childlike enthusiasm for life. He admired the late Walt Disney's Empire, Disneyland - for his World was much the same. Moreover, only those who BELIEVED - could enter into Michael's visionary World.

    Michael Jackson was a Perfectionist. He was a true Humanitarian, who really cared about Planet Earth, The Stars, The Heavens, the Animals and Children. He was curious about the Whole Universe around him. On Michael's "This Is It" CD, he reads a poem he wrote called, "Planet Earth."

    "Michael Jackson was too GOOD for this world", declares Kim Kay Day, the author of the book Michael In Foreverland." "My work expands Michael's mind in a Universal way." "I have been studying and observing Michael for many years." "My life is a lot like Michael's - even though I am not living a life in the Media," declares Ms. Day.

    Many negative things have been said about Michael Jackson, a lot of things that simply were not true. Michael Jackson was very misunderstood and unjustly criticized for his actions - yet he was admired and loved by many people.

    Kim Kay Day:
    "I am the Author of 3 published books and my book on Michael Jackson was a book that I was inspired to write - based upon a dream I had about Michael. In my dream, I visited Michael at his Neverland Ranch and we became instant friends with a lot in common. Therefore, I wanted to tell Michael's story to leave a legacy behind - so that others could understand Michael and his amazing Life and World."

    "In order to do so, I did extensive research on Michael Jackson by watching all of his videos, interviews, etc." "I simply immersed myself in Michael's World." For example, did you know that the name "Michael" is in fact an Archangel and that Michael depicted Angels in his videos? Did you know that Michael shared a common bond with Johnny Depp? Did you know that Michael loved to read and tell stories? Michael Jackson was quite literary and brilliant. What did Michael have in common with the most brilliant minds of the past? Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, Monet, C.S. Lewis, Darwin, Beethoven. Van Gogh, Orson Welles, and J.M. Barrie? Did you know that an unusually strong life force set Michael on his own distinct path at quite an early age? Did you know that Michael was interested in the whole planetary system? He had a very curious and exuberant mind.

    Michael was the Einstein and Picasso of today. I also wanted to write a book about Michael that highlighted the positive aspects about Michael - The Man In The Mirror, as a final tribute to this amazing man.

    Michael was a beautiful person. He was kind, thoughtful and had a big heart, declares Ms. Day.

    Kim Kay Day entered Michael's World in Michael In Foreverland. A World of Peace, Love, Beauty and Happiness all around - a World he created for himself and his friends. Ms. Day also lived in Gary, Indiana in the 60's when the Jackson's lived in Gary at that time in History.

    This book explores Michael's World and other Worlds, Michael's Music, and Michael's Era. And ultimately, the WORLD says goodbye to Michael Jackson in different languages, as well as a poem dedicated solely to Michael called "FOREVERLAND."

    Content: # Michael's Neverland vs. Elvis' Graceland, # Disneyland and Peter Pan, # Johnny Depp, Andy Gibb and Donny Osmond, # Elizabeth Taylor, Brook Shields, Madonna, Lisa Marie Presley (Michael's closest friends), # Michael's love of movies (Disney, old Classics), # Michael compared to Beethoven, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare. # The Wizard of Oz, # The Phantom of the Opera, # Ryan White (Aids victim of the 80's), # Prince, Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands), Steven Spielberg (E.T.), Jim Henson (The Muppets), Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone), Free Willy (the Whale), Diana Ross, Eddie Murphy, Vincent Price (King of Horror movies).

    About the Author:
    im Kay Day is an established Author of three published books. "Michael In Foreverland" (a book/story on Michael Jackson), 2) "A Society Gone Forever" (a Sci-Fi book about the End of Mankind and all Species on Earth), 3) "The Cat Who Went Back In Time" (a children's book about the Cat's majestic role in Egyptian History). Ms. Day lives in the Chicago area. She is also a Freelance Writer whose articles on Pets appear in Examiner/Chicago, as well as her Article "Michael Jackson - Forever Peter Pan" which appears in AssociatedContent online.

    Ms. Day has also established quite a presence on the Internet with her books listed all over the Google and Yahoo search engines. She also maintains websites/blogs on her books as well.

    Product Details:
    "Michael In Foreverland" book: 78 pages with Photos, Publisher: PublishAmerica (2010)
    ISBN: 978-1-4489-8513-5, Price: $24.95

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