New Jersey pain center REHABILITY introduces the DYNA-PRO Spinal Decompression System

Top Quote Freehold, NJ pain clinic REHABILITY introduces a revolutionary spinal decompression therapy designed to treat the root cause of back and neck pain. End Quote
  • Trenton-Ewing, NJ (1888PressRelease) November 24, 2010 - Freehold, New Jersey pain and injury center REHABILITY has recently begun to offer spinal decompression therapy with DYNA -PRO, a revolutionary and FDA-cleared treatment system for back and neck pain associated with herniated and/or protruding discs; degenerative disc disease; posterior facet syndrome; and sciatica. This comprehensive, 3-phase protocol is designed to provide even greater results than traditional decompression therapies so you may sooner begin to enjoy freedom from back and neck pain. With a series of non-surgical treatments specifically targeted to relieve pressure on spinal structures that may be causing your pain, decompression therapy on the Dynatron DX1 is fast, effective, drug-free and safe.

    The DYNA-PRO system features the Dynatron DX1 unit, which essentially are two machines in one. In addition to delivering decompression therapy, it possesses 3-channels of Light Therapy (also cleared by the FDA for the relaxation of muscles and muscle spasms, including temporary relief of pain, stiffness, and minor joint aches). By pre-treating with Light Therapy, muscle spasms are relaxed allowing for a better outcome than decompression alone.

    Spinal vertebrae are separated and cushioned by discs of cartilage - various conditions can cause these discs to slip out of alignment, protrude from the vertebrae, pinch spinal nerves, or degenerate and become ineffective in cushioning the vertebrae. The goal of targeted decompression is to apply steady, gentle unloading of the affected vertebral level(s), increasing the space between them. This produces several benefits including: increasing flow of blood and nutrients to the disc to promote healing; increasing the space for spinal nerves to function and flow from the spine to other parts of the body; and with greater space, a bulging disc may flow back into the space between the vertebrae where it belongs.

    Decompression on the Dynatron DX1 consists of three separate phases of treatment. Phase 1, consisting of 9 minutes of unattended light therapy, relaxes muscles to prepare for treatment. Phase 2 is a targeted spinal decompression - based on the most appropriate protocol determined upon review each patient's case. The Dynatron DX1 digitally calculates the precise angle and tension necessary - allowing problem areas to receive the full benefit of the treatment while healthy areas are not affected. Phase 3 is incorporated once pain levels have diminished. For maximum results, the patient is instructed with a case specific exercise program to strengthen supportive core muscles and improve flexibility. Dr. Chickara states, "our practice goals are completely patient-centered, beginning with fast, effective pain relief and ultimately returning each patient to their active daily lifestyle."

    Committed to each patient's overall health and wellness, REHABILITY clinical director and New Jersey chiropractor Robert Chickara, DC is proud to offer this exciting new technology to those who are candidates for non-surgical spinal decompression. In addition to providing Chiropractic spine and sport rehabilitation integrated with physical therapy and pain management services, Dr. Chickara and his team of therapists are now able to incorporate the DYNA-PRO system assuring a more favorable therapeutic outcome. He states "now there's more hope for those patients with chronic, difficult cases that may not have responded so well to conservative therapies alone, and are interested in another non-surgical option to treat their pain."

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