New book entitled “The Prep Group” by Eloisa Hope is released by New Generation Publishing

Top Quote A hope-filled and heartfelt novel about the journey to adoption. End Quote
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    New book entitled “The Prep Group” by Eloisa Hope is released by New Generation Publishing

    A hope-filled and heartfelt novel about the journey to adoption

    About the Book:
    Alice and George walk into the room marked ‘Adoption Training’ hoping to change the life of a child who needs them, never knowing just how much one small courageous girl will change their lives forever.

    For anyone who has ever taken the long way round to parenthood, The Prep Group follows three hopeful couples as they forge friendships, share confidences and ultimately realise that the path to family may not always run smooth, but will definitely be worth it.

    Reviews of “The Prep Group”:
    “Relatable and relevant, honest and heartfelt. A must-read for all those on an adoption journey of their own.” (Rosemary Lucas, Author of The Family Fairies)

    “An all-round wonderfully written story. The Prep Group addresses an important issue through fiction; an excellent novel as well as important reading for hopeful adopters.”

    “A beautifully honest story that embraces the highs and lows of becoming a parent via adoption.” (Suzy Stanton, Author of An Adopter's Guide to Adoption)

    Excerpt from the book:
    “Tucking Tegan into bed, Alice pulled the covers lovingly around her neck. The little girl mumbled something, her voice muffled by the weighted teddy squashed against her face.

    'Sorry, lovely, I didn't catch that,’ Alice whispered, dropping a quick kiss on Tegan's forehead, which was as much affection as she would tolerate.
    'You're not my mummy and you never will be.' Louder now, Tegan cried, turning away, covering her face with the duvet,
    'Go away. GO AWAY! I hate you. You'll never be my mummy. You won’t.'

    The girl's body was an angry knot, tension vibrating from every muscle, and the rejection was a fist to Alice's heart. Fragile threads of connection between the two breaking as quickly as they'd been formed.

    So difficult to make, so easily broken. Attachments were fragile and the connection was fleeting. The week before, George had snapped, shouting at Tegan after she threw her dinner on the floor for the third night in a row. The girl ran into the living room and hid behind the sofa.

    Mortified by this loss of control, George whispered, 'I'm so sorry' as he hugged Alice tight. They stood quietly in the kitchen, holding hands, taking deep breaths, trying to regroup. It was hard to find a way forward with this daughter who felt like a stranger and seemed to sabotage every attempt they made to create an attachment between them.

    George sighed. 'This isn't the parent I want to be.’ And then, he said, 'This just isn't family life to me, it feels like we're just barely surviving from one day to the next.'

    Alice could only nod, her head against the solid chest of her husband. I'm heartbroken for us all that this is just so hard, she thought.”

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