Narconon Eastern US Announces Campaign To Parents On Vital Need For Immediate Family Drug Intervention

Top Quote Narconon Eastern US Director, Yvonne Rodgers, announces their new campaign to education parents and families on the urgent need for immediate drug intervention for their loved one struggling with substance abuse as drug deaths grow and outnumber traffic mortalities in the US. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 20, 2012 - Clearwater, FL - Narconon Eastern US ( Director, Yvonne Rodgers, announces their new campaign to educate parents, grandparents, spouses and the loved ones of those struggling with substance abuse, on the vital need for immediate intervention and getting the addict admitted to a successful alcohol or drug rehabilitation facility. The campaign and the urgency of its message follows the evidence released last September by the LA Times which reported that drug deaths have grown and now outnumber traffic mortalities in the US. The report leaves no doubt that putting off an intervention could result in the loss an child, parent, spouse or loved one who is abusing alcohol, drugs or prescription drugs.

    The LA Times reports ( that the increase in drug deaths is due to an increase in prescription narcotic overdoses. This information comes from a Times analysis of government data.

    Prescription medications for pain and anxiety are contributing to the rise in drug-related deaths. Such medications are highly addictive and can prove to be deadly when mixed with one another or with alcohol. Among the most abused are Xanax, Vicodin, OxyContin and Soma. These drugs are causing more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined, due to the fact that they are easily accessible.

    "What we are repeatedly seeing during intake at our centers in the Eastern US, is the large number of different drugs the addict is taking each day along with the high doses that are often also mixed with alcohol. It is typical for people to be taking Oxy, Xanax, cocaine and drinking every day," says Rodgers.

    Substance abusers are now taking prescription drugs and mixing them with other illegal drugs. As there is no regulation over the purity or strength of the illegal drugs there is no way for an addict to know what he is taking which mean that the next time they use they could be taking a lethal dose.

    "Parents or other family members of addicts often think that the addicts should be able to use self-discipline and stop themselves. Unfortunately, this is rarely possible for two key reasons: the strength of the drugs today is so strong that when some tries to stop on their own, the withdrawal pain is to severe and they start taking again simply to relieve the pain. Replacing a drug with another drug such as Methadone does not get the addict free from drugs. Secondly, toxins from the drugs stay in the body and are stored in the fat cells of the person taking them. Any stress such as exercise, or getting upset releases the drug toxins back into the body of the person who took them and they experience cravings all over again. So the addict can't do it alone. They truly need the help of a drug-free withdrawal specialists and a sauna detox to rid the body of the drug toxins," says Rodgers.

    "A family intervention that gets the addict into a recovery program sooner, rather than later, can save that person's life and can begin to restore peace to the family," urges Rodgers.

    The Narconon drug rehabilitation program is unique in that it is an entirely drug-free treatment model that boasts a 76% success rate. For nearly 50 years, the Narconon drug rehabilitation program has been working with families and getting people stably off drugs without the use of replacement medications. It uses specifically designed nutritional support to aid in withdraw and detoxification, combined with a sauna detox program and a proven, comprehensive life skills program to handle both physical and mental aspects of addiction. It is classified as a social education model of rehabilitation, where addicts become "students" of the Narconon life skills curriculum, overcome their addictions and learn to live productive drug- free lives.

    About Narconon Eastern US

    Narconon Eastern US ( helps existing Narconon Centers in the East US, as well as establishing new Substance Abuse Facilities and Drug Prevention Education centers. The Narconon drug rehabilitation and education program was founded in 1966 by William Benitez and uses the drug-free rehabilitation and social education methodology based on research developed by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Narconon is dedicated to eliminating drug abuse and drug addiction through drug prevention, education and rehabilitation. The Narconon drug rehabilitation program routinely results in drug-free lives, with the majority of graduates going on to live stable, productive, drug-free lives. These Narconon graduates, whether drug-free for ten, twenty or even 45 years, demonstrate the success and results of Narconon program. If you know someone struggling with alcohol addiction or drug abuse, or are looking for a career in substance abuse visit or call 877-237-3307.

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