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  • 611 S Ft Harrison Ave #228, Clearwater, FL
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  • Narconon East US ( helps the existing Narconon Centers in the East US, as well as establishing new centers. Narconon was founded in 1966 and is a non-profit drug rehabilitation program dedicated to eliminating drug abuse and drug addiction through drug prevention, education and rehabilitation. The Narconon drug rehabilitation program routinely results in drug-free lives, with the majority of graduates going on to live stable, ethical, productive, drug-free lives. These Narconon graduates, whether drug-free for ten, twenty or even 45 years, demonstrate the success and results of Narconon program.
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  • Narconon East US Applauds Lawmakers From Florida To Maine As They Crackdown On Pill Mills
  • Narconon East US applauds lawmakers from Florida to Maine as they crackdown on pill mills in an effort to address the US prescription drug overdose epidemic. As addicts look for options, Narconon East US Drug Rehab Centers help the lucky ones recover who arrive for their program. Those addicts who continue to use unfortunately often meet a tragic end.
  • March 09, 2012