MPAI calls for comments on two more candidate standards

Top Quote After releasing 3 official standards at its previous monthly General Assembly, today the Moving Pic¬ture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence (MPAI) standards developing organisation has published 1 more draft standard for comments, the step before official release. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 29, 2021 - Geneva, Switzerland – Comments are requested, by 20 November, prior to final approval at MPAI’s next 24 November General Assem¬bly (MPAI-14) on:

    AI Framework (MPAI-AIF enables creation and autom¬ation of mixed Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Processing and inference workflows, implemented as software, hardware, or hybrid software and hardware. MPAI-AIF is also an enabler of the MPAI Store part of the Governance of the MPAI Ecosystem (MPAI-GME approved by MPAI-12.

    MPAI-12 released the full set of the AI-based Compression and Understanding of Industrial Data (MPAI-CUI standard – Technical Specification, Reference Software, Conformance Testing and Performance Assessment. As MPAI-12 only released the Multimodal Conversation (MPAI-MMC Technical Specification, MPAI is currently developing the MPAI-MMC Conformance Testing specification to enable a user to verify the technical correctness of an implementation.

    MPAI is currently working on several other standards, e.g.:
    1. Context-based Audio Enhancement (MPAI-CAE adding a desired emotion to an emotion-less speech segment, preserving old audio tapes, restoring audio segments and improving the audio confer¬ence experience.
    2. Server-based Predictive Multiplayer Gaming (MPAI-SPG ) uses AI to train a network that com¬pensates data losses and detects false data in online multiplayer gaming.
    3. Connected Autonomous Vehicles (MPAI-CAV uses AI in key features: Human-CAV Interac¬tion, Environ¬ment Sensing, Autonomous Motion, CAV to Everything and Motion Actuation.
    4. Mixed Reality Collaborative Spaces (MPAI-MCS creates AI-enabled mixed-reality spaces populated by streamed objects such as avatars, other objects and sensor data, and their descriptors for use in meetings, education, biomedicine, science, gaming and manufacturing.
    5. AI-Enhanced Video Coding (MPAI-EVC, a candidate MPAI standard improving existing video coding tools with AI and targeting short-to-medium term applications.
    6. End-to-End Video Coding (MPAI-EEV is a recently launched MPAI exploration promising a fuller exploitation of the AI potential in a longer-term time frame that mPAI-EVC.

    MPAI develops data coding standards for applications that have AI as the core enabling technology. Any legal entity who supports the MPAI mission may join MPAI ( if it is able to contribute to the development of standards for the efficient use of data.
    Visit the MPAI web site ( contact the MPAI secretariat secretariat ( @ ) mpai dot community) for specific information.

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