Las Vegas Electrical Contractor Talks About Electrical Wiring To Code

Top Quote Chris Dodson, of EcoElectric, a Las Vegas electrical contractor, talks about electrical upgrades and electrical codes in Las Vegas. End Quote
  • Las Vegas, NV-AZ (1888PressRelease) April 08, 2012 - Eco Electric, owned by Chris Dodson, a Las Vegas electrical contractor, is currently installing electrical upgrades in many homes and businesses in the Las Vegas area. Mr. Dodson says that this is partly due to the fact that many homeowners are opting to remodel their existing homes, rather than purchase new ones. Also, this Las Vegas electrical contractor says that as buildings and homes do enter the real estate market, they often must be upgraded to pass code. For this reason, electricians in Las Vegas are often called upon to provide crucial services to property owners.


    Mr. Dodson says that in homes that are over 30 years old, you'll often find knob and tube wiring. While this form of wiring may be perfectly safe, most insurance companies will not insure a home with knob and tube wiring. The systems are so old that they have had time to be compromised by rodents, electrical overloads, and temperature extremes that can cause cracking in the porcelain insulators in the knobs and tubes. The wires and the cloth insulation around them are favorites with rodents. Electricians in Las Vegas often will need to climb into the attic to inspect such wiring. However, since you can't get a homeowner's loan on a house with no insurance, any real estate sale must require electrical upgrades.

    Mr. Dodson says that Las Vegas electrical contractors also will perform electrical upgrades because in older homes, there are no grounded outlets. This is not a problem for many small appliances, such as toasters and curling irons, but he says that anything with 3 prongs on the plug needs to be grounded. Simply installing a 3 pronged outlet cover will not provide the proper protection. According to Mr. Dodson, electricians in Las Vegas see this kind of "fix" all the time, but while it may allow you to plug in a three pronged appliance, it will be more likely to overload your electrical wiring should a ground fault occur.


    According to Mr. Dodson, electricians in Las Vegas need to check to make sure the breaker box in your home is in good shape and able to carry the lodes necessary for your home to function well. Many times, homeowners over the years will build on to their homes, increasing the electrical lodes without concern for whether or not the breaker box can carry them. In addition, some breaker boxes are poorly located near plumbing fixtures and vents. This can allow moisture to infiltrate the breaker box causing corrosion. This can present a dangerous fire hazard and shock hazard to the home and the homeowner. Mr. Dodson recommends that if you have had any work done to your house, or if your home is over 30 years old, you should have it inspected by Las Vegas electrical contractors to make sure the electrical system is healthy and safe.

    Chris Dodson, owner of EcoElectric, is a veteran who learned his craft in the Navy. He is committed to eco-friendly solutions to electrical needs of the people in Las Vegas. For more information about electricians in Las Vegas, or for electrical upgrades in Las Vegas, contact his wife, Melissa, at 702-682-2436.

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