LA18 GEAR LAUNCHES NEW SNAPBACK LINE: Master P, Mannie Fresh & Juve' All Wearing New Head Gear Promoting Louisiana Pride & Culture

Top Quote New Orleans Entrepreneurs Seizing The Moment: Kernell Reynolds & Myke Fay-Z create Urban Fashion Frenzy with Unique Snapbacks. End Quote
  • New Orleans, LA (1888PressRelease) December 19, 2012 - LA18 Gear (LA18) is the imaginative concept of Louisiana entrepreneurs Kernell Reynolds and Myke Fay-Z. Currently, LA18 Snapbacks are being worn by major celebrities, including Mega Mogul Master P, Multi-Platinum Producer Mannie Fresh, and Grammy-Nominees: Mystikal and Juvenile. The LA18 Snapback has quickly become the major headgear for the entertainment elite, fashion forward teen-agers and urban trendsetters. "This LA18 Snapback is more than just a hat to me," comments New Orleans native Master P. "Not only does it tell the history of Louisiana being the 18th state inducted into the United States, it also helps to bring the city of New Orleans back together after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. I see so many people, from young to old, wearing these hats. It lets me know that it's definitely the start of a new movement." Celebrated New Orleans "Super Producer" Mannie Fresh simply stated, "LA18 is fresh and a New Orleans original! Figgie!!!"

    Other Louisiana celebs who are pure LA18 devotees include Young Money' Rappers Lil' Chuckee & Mack Maine along with Q93-Clear Channel DJ Wild Wayne. New Orleans Recording Artist Mia-X, stated without hesitation, "LA18 Hats are original, stylish and dope! Kernell and Myke took the story of our lives and created art. The LA18 Hats represent the essence of Louisiana. Plus it was an innovative business move. They worked hard and showed determination and LA18 is the result. I love these hats."

    Fay-Z remarks, "We were just brainstorming, thinking of a logo and a concept for Louisiana and we did some research. Louisiana is the 18th state, so that's how we created LA18. It sounded cool and we rolled with it." Reynolds and Fay-Z started LA18 Gear with 11 colors and two designs and have now expanded the trendy concept into 25 colors in male and female styles.

    This entrepreneurial combination is filled with irony and allure. Communicating on Facebook, the two never met and rarely spoke. Fay-Z drove to Houston from his hometown of Houma, Louisiana, to discuss hat designs Reynolds' posted on his page and the rest is urban apparel legend. "It was just a coincidence. I was already designing hats, shoes and clothes, when he hit me up. I thought he was just b@'-sh!@ ( @ ) ing," says Reynolds dot "I really didn't take it seriously, until he said I'm here dot " Reynolds continues, "The passion that we have for business, made me feel like it was a good fit dot I know what I bring to the table and what my passion is and to find someone who has the same confidence and determination, allowed me to know that this concept could really work dot So we went with it, against all the negative things that people said dot "

    The bet inevitably paid off. The official launch of LA18 is a representation of Louisiana culture and lifestyles. Additionally, it is the launch of the dreams of two very different individuals. Reynolds was raised in New Orleans' Calliope Housing Development. "I didn't know anyone. I just had dreams and ideas," Kernell says. "I had to go against a lot of things and I had to sacrifice a lot. I also, understood that when I talked about my plans, some people might not get it, because it was too big for them." He continues, "So if the dream was too big for them, then it was unbelievable to them. So I started communicating with people who saw my dreams and believed in me. Myke was one of those people."

    Fay-Z, the son of a building contractor, believed that working in the entertainment industry burned in his gut, much more than construction. "To me the entertainment business of course includes fashion, so eventually I was going to get into the industry. But, I just didn't know how." Fay-Z, continued, "If you would have told me I'd be part of a hat company a few years back, I would not have believed it. But, you have to pay attention to opportunities while you're trying to pursue your goals and your dreams. You just have to be open and be able to seize the moment."

    Reynolds and Fay-Z have exceeded their own expectations. The official launch of LA18 has created an amazing on-line and in-store product demand across the country. Undoubtedly, LA18 comes with brilliant design concepts but that's accompanied by shrewd business discipline. The entrepreneurial duo has continued to reinvest profits into growing LA18 Gear and constantly keep abreast of the voice of their consumers. Fay-Z commented, "Once an idea becomes a product, the next thing is to come up with a marketing plan. I like to use the term, planting seeds: planting seeds of branding and planting seeds of marketing. I think that's where Kernell's specialty is. He's at the forefront of branding the LA18 products. I think it's really getting out there, now."

    "LA18 Snapbacks are the result of creativity and cultural pride," Retired NBA player Randy Livingston describes. "The LA18 Hats represent a creative and positive way to start a business and symbolize what you believe in. These hats represent our past, our present and our future." The vibrant color combinations, high-quality structure, and increased demand reflect the Reynolds/Fay-Z commitment to quality and love of Louisiana's culture. Fay-Z says of Reynolds, "From the first time I met him, he was totally professional and ready to make moves. That's the kind of people I like to do business with because you only have so much time to really make things happen. Kernell can make it happen. You can tell him an idea or come up with a concept, and he's like 'I can get that done.' He works in a time sensitive manner which is very important." Reynolds went on to say that communication is the key ingredient to the LA18 corporate culture, "We communicate with each other. I think that's important. I don't make decisions without running it by him and vice versa. The reason why I do that is because he might contribute something that I didn't think about. I might have one idea and he might say 'What about this?' I think it's good that we…consistently talk together. We'll come up with something, we talk it out and the next step is making it happen."

    Visit: LA18GEAR.COM

    On April 30, 1812, the United States admitted Louisiana as the 18th state into the Union. The 200 years since have been filled with a culture that is unrivaled. The music, the food, the language, and the people--Louisiana remains to be amongst the most vibrant locations in the world. LA18 aims to celebrate this culture with stylish apparel that reflects the pride of the people of Louisiana. Your state. Your culture. Your trend. LA18 Gear.

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