Kool Group has launched the world's first Social Learning Platform: KoolStories

Top Quote Experience a new pattern in microlearning! KoolStories is a bite-sized learning app that helps you personally connect with experts and fellow learners. Master your favourite skills with micro courses packed with super-interesting audio-video content. Letís make learning more interactive, fun and social. Our app is available on Appstore and Google Play store. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) November 12, 2022 - Where the learning journey of millions begins

    Kool Group Ltd. has launched the beta version of KoolStories, the world's first social learning platform. Thanks to the parent company's great expertise in digital learning solutions, KoolStories is the ideal platform to begin your upskilling journey dynamically, on a mobile platform that provides high engagement and unlimited social interactions.

    It is the only social media that allows you to cultivate passions and upskill in a new domain at your own pace while exchanging knowledge with passionate learners and inspiring creators. Leveraging on the concepts of microlearning and micropayment, KoolStories' mission is to release the inner talents of millions of people worldwide.

    KoolStories: The Upcoming Change
    KoolStories is the first of its kind, highly innovative social learning platform. Whether you are a learner or a creator, there is much to discover and teach on KoolStories. With its unique and innovative features, KoolStories adds value to your social behaviour and transforms the way you learn and connect. KoolStories is the first of its kind, highly innovative social learning platform. Whether you are a learner or a creator, there is a lot to discover, learn and teach on KoolStories.

    The smart features inside KoolStories' application are the reason for its success in the social learning market:

    Learning Snippets
    On KoolStories, approved creators create reels that teach something in 1 to 5 minutes. This type of content effectively sparks curiosity and makes learning more pleasant.

    Video Micro-courses
    KoolStories' bite-sized courses are excellent for dynamic learning at your own pace.

    Audio Micro-courses
    KoolSories also offers audio courses, similar to podcasts, to all users who like to listen to educational content in situations that don't allow them to look at a screen.

    Community Chat
    After watching a course, users can participate in the dedicated chat and exchange experiences, feedback and stories with other like-minded learners or directly with the creator of the course.

    One-to-one sessions
    Users can book video meetings with their favourite experts. This is an excellent feature for users that need to solve their last shortcomings on a specific subject.

    Kool's Mission
    Kool Group's vision is to shape the future of learning in a dynamic, highly interconnected, and passionate world. The journey to fulfil the vision began with the launch of KoolStories, a social network that focuses on passions and learning rather than on "what people do". It is a platform where learners meet because they share the same passion and belief in positive interactions as the way to grow and release the best version of themselves. The company aims to build a positive social media environment that brings value to its users' lives and helps them upskill every day to become the best versions of themselves.

    Skills to learn on KoolStories

    KoolStories will eventually host hundreds of skills; therefore, structured data is one of the platform's priorities. Nevertheless, for the beta phase, the experience has been limited to the following skills:
    UI/UX Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Videography, Photography, Yoga, Guitar, Problem Solving, Mental Health, Singing, Painting, Drawing, etc...

    About KoolStories
    Kool Group Ltd. is a London-based start-up centred on bringing modern digital learning and networking solutions to our fast-paced world. The company was founded in 2020 by Alessandro Canella, Jacopo Lai and Michele Lacerenza. The founders have great expertise in skill-exchanging networks and solutions. They firmly believe education is about sharing, exchanging information, and meeting highly motivated people. They wish to spread lifelong learning habits to millions of people worldwide, and with this in mind, they shaped KoolStories, a platform where learning is much more accessible, social and engaging.

    "Every new day comes with an opportunity to learn and improve. But most people struggle to take advantage of this opportunity because other things saturate life. With its dynamic approach to education, KoolStories unlocks the possibility to upskill everyday to everyone ", Co-Founder Alessandro Canella commented.

    A world of endless upskilling possibilities at your fingertips.

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