John DeTitta Completes Final Chapter of Screenplay, Film Scheduled for Pre-Production

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    Quote The truth is, you have to make a lot of mistakes before you really make it and life can't be edited to only include the good times. Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 19, 2012 - New York, NY - John DeTitta, screenwriter, recently completed the final chapter of his screenplay, Manic Ride. The screenplay is about an optimistic, highly creative and passionate entrepreneur who struggles through his desire to create and the obstacles he faces in the business world.

    John DeTitta originally wrote the screenplay in 2001 "Yes, it was somewhat autobiographical with a lot of creative additions," said John DeTitta. In 2002 he began presenting it to a number of production companies, in the hopes of securing a film deal. After two years, John DeTitta placed his screenplay into the hands of one of the most notable and successful productions companies in the industry. The production company was prepared to move forward into film production with John DeTitta's screenplay and funding options were in place. It was at this point that he learned what a "re-write" was and was told his story needed a stronger ending chapter.

    At this point, John DeTitta decided to put the project on hold in order to finish the real life version of his film on his own terms, exactly the way he wanted. "It was a difficult decision to walk away from a movie deal with the people I had involved and the funding available," said John DeTitta, "But, I needed to finish the movie the way I wanted it to be filmed and I had an idea that would make a great ending to the movie in reality."

    John DeTitta, true to his creative roots, took a major chance, putting the movie deal and funding on hold in order and create his own "rewrite". That rewrite took seven years and involved John DeTitta looking at his past personal experience in trying to get his own creations in front of producers. It was his experience that led to the basis for his revolutionary artist funding model that will be announced nationwide in February. John DeTitta's objective was to establish a model that would help artists maneuver around the enormous hurdles faced by individuals looking to get a project financed within the creative industry. He focused his attention on creating a model for funding the arts.

    John DeTitta focused on the creation and development of a service based model dedicated to helping others in the creative industry and filling a much needed service for the independent artist. To achieve this goal, John DeTitta faced the same uphill battles as all creative do, partnering the duality of being creative and maintaining enough business sense to turn the creativity into a finished product. In 2004, seeing the landscape and income potential of social media, John DeTitta filed a US Patent on the concept and began his quest to combine a free social media platform designed to help artists, like himself, secure the funding they need to develop their project, ideas and creations. He was in the process of living his life and creating the final chapter of his screenplay, exactly the way he wanted.

    Like any artist, the creative business endeavor was filled with years of trial and error. "It's not an easy ride to build a business as a creative person," noted John DeTitta. "We sometimes lack the business sense needed for long term planning and day to day decision making but our passion always keep us moving, that's why I felt my model could be very helpful to artists of all categories." John DeTitta hit some walls and made mistakes along the way but, he never lost focus or his determination to help his fellow creatives. He successfully completed the development of his patent-pending model so that his fellow artists can secure the funding they need. The model not only provides funding through online activity, it also gives the projects management so the creative can focus entirely on the creative process and not deal with the business end of things. In addition to completing the model, he also reached his goal and brought together a management team that can effectively steer the model toward great success, but also allow John DeTitta to focus his attentions back on the creativity.

    Now that John DeTitta has completed a "real life rewrite", he is able to proceed with the film and is scheduled to go back into pre-production, holding onto the hope that his movie story will not have to be re-written. "Too many times I see TV shows and reality programs that just aren't a reflection of reality. Many people, writers and actors are content to just be on television rather than taking the steps to improve their own lives and achieving something others can learn from," notes John DeTitta. "The truth is, you have to make a lot of mistakes before you really make it and life can't be edited to only include the good times." "I felt it would make a better movie and see a need to just go out and do something that was real"

    John DeTitta's goal with filming Manic Ride is to get into production in the spring of 2013 with a solid budget and production team. John DeTitta has already reached out to some of the film producers and they said they were still on board. "It's a good feeling", said John DeTitta.

    About John DeTitta

    John DeTitta is a screenwriter based in New York with an extensive background in the creative arts. John DeTitta produced the documentary titled, Ten Talents Movie which has been shown in theatres across the country in major markets and will be expanding nationwide at some point in 2012. John DeTitta is an accomplished improvisational keyboardist and his career includes more than 25 years of experience in business development, sales, marketing and film production.

    Throughout his career, John DeTitta has worked with Fortune 500 companies, Entertainment Companies and some of the most well-known film producers in the industry.

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