iYogi Reviews the Top 5 Problems with MP3 Players

Top Quote Device connectivity, problems with syncing music and incompatible music formats are the major problems reported by customers who use MP3 Players. End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) February 28, 2011 - iYogi, the fastest growing on-demand tech support company, announced the release of its latest report on the Top 5 problems with MP3 Players. World over, an increase in demand for portable music players has lead to the growing popularity of MP3 Players across various consumer segments. MP3 players today are available at various price points as manufacturers try to tap into the growing demand in the market. However, like every other gadget, MP3 Players come with their own set of problems. iYogi assesses and analyzes the Top 5 problems faced by users of MP3 Players. With the release of the internal Weekly Customer Incident Report, sourced from iYogi's knowledge base iMantra™, this report focuses on the some of the important steps that should be taken to fix common problems with MP3 Players.

    iYogi reviews the top 5 MP3 Player problems:
    Device connectivity issues: Sometimes, after connecting your MP3 Player to the computer, you might not be able to connec the player with your PC and notice that your PC cannot detect the MP3 Player.
    Solution: Check the Device Manager to make sure that the device is recognized by your PC. Also, make sure that the device drivers are updated. To view an in-depth solution for checking the Device Manager and updating the device drivers, visit: http://www.iyogi.net/software/multimedia/mp3-connectivity-issues.html

    Unable to sync and copy songs from the PC to your MP3 Player: Consumers encounter problems while syncing and copying songs from the PC to MP3 Player. Such problems usually occur when the correct method of copying files from the device to your system is not followed. Such issues can also occur when a faulty cable is used.
    Solution: Follow the correct method of copying songs from the device to your system. Also, make sure that you use an authentic cable for easier and faster data transmission. To access a complete solution on how to copy songs from your system to MP3 Player and to know the importance of authentic cables, visit: http://www.iyogi.net/software/multimedia/unable-to-sync-and-copy-songs-from-the-pc-to-your-mp3-player.html

    Incompatible or Corrupt Files: If the music files are incompatible or corrupt then you may not get good quality audio output from your MP3 Player.

    Solution: In order to resolve this problem, repairing the MP3 tracks can prove to be beneficial. You can also convert the file format on your PC before syncing the device. Visit: http://www.iyogi.net/software/multimedia/incompatible-or-corrupt-files.html

    Corrupt device: If your computer recognizes the MP3 Player but it is unable to read the device, then the internal memory of the MP3 Player might be corrupted.

    Solution: In order to resolve this problem, formatting the MP3 Player can often solve the problem. To learn more about formatting your MP3 Player, visit: http://www.iyogi.net/software/multimedia/corrupt-device.html
    Battery issues: If the battery does not have enough charge, your MP3 Player will not play for long hours.
    Solution: To ensure that you can enjoy listening to your favorite music for long and continuous lengths of time on your MP3 Player, it is important to keep the battery charged and protected by taking some simple measures. To see a comprehensive list of solutions for troubleshooting battery issues,visit: http://www.iyogi.net/software/multimedia/battery-issues.html

    "MP3 Players has not only changed the way we listen to music but has also changed the music industry. As these players become the personal audio equipment of choice among all age-groups, problems ranging from basic issues like syncing problems to more complex ones involving corrupt devices and files are common place as data captured from iYogi customers reveal, " says Vishal Dhar, President Marketing and co-founder of iYogi . " To meet the range of complaints that we receive, iYogi is well-equipped to resolve most MP3 Player problems irrespective of their make."

    iYogi is a global on-demand services company that provides personalized computer support for consumers and small businesses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. iYogi's unique model, including its proprietary technology iMantra™ and highly qualified technicians, is designed to eliminate computer-related stress and keep millions of digitally dependent consumers and small businesses protected and productive. Only iYogi -- with its proven expertise in the global delivery model, intelligent customer insight systems, easy-to-use self-help tools & automated PC optimization, and computer support services - offers users a simple yet comprehensive path to digital serenity. iYogi has perfected the remote technical support model to overcome the current limitations of in-store, on-site, or call center services to become the fastest growing provider of support in the industry. Major resellers and technology companies are increasingly turning to iYogi to improve customer satisfaction, reduce return rates, and deliver a compelling new-value added offering to customers. To know more about iYogi, current offers and scope of support, visit: www.iyogi.net

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