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  • Dimitri Snowden and Paramount School of Excellence Inspire Future Generations to Sustainability
  • This press release is to inform the readers that Dimitri Snowden; one of the Paramount school's co-founder, has worked creatively to ensure that students at the school learn as much as possible about sustainable living practices.
  • On any given day, a visitor to the Paramount School of Excellence can view sustainability in action. Dimitri Snowden, the designer and one of the scho ...
  • June 30, 2011
  • Dimitri Snowden Heads Indianapolis-based ion360 in Creation of Suite of 360 Services to Enhance Education
  • Dimitri founded ion360 to cater to companies who want clever strategies with successful platforms to overcome current business challenges. Not only does Dimitri consult on strategy, but he also pilots numerous other pilot projects including green360TM, robo360 TM and tech360 TM.
  • Indianapolis, Ind. - With over a decade of experience working with businesses to strategize and integrate technology, Dimitri Snowden works to help co ...
  • June 24, 2011