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  • (1888PressRelease) May 22, 2023 - Another illuminating episode of the Pitch Event (PEs) was successfully wrapped up this week. continues to provide a platform for promising business founders to present their innovative venture plans which can even have the potential to shape the future of business and more.

    By joining, viewers can continue to be a part of the ongoing pitching discussions and never miss out on the Pitch Events (PEs) broadcasted every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm GMT on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
    The founder of, Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi, who is also the Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory hosted the session. As a CEO, venture capitalist, business owner, and merchant banker with expertise spanning the infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology sectors, Max's advice has been sought for deals exceeding €100 million and fundraising efforts amounting to over €50 million for various companies.
    Max welcomed the viewers and introduced the latest Pitch Events session. The special guest was Mohammed Jamal, who’s no stranger to the show, and is also an experienced investor who has successfully invested in over 20 companies across various industries, including life sciences and financial startups.

    Starting the first round was Steve Bidinger. Steve is the Founder of Skai Beauty Inc. and is currently seeking an investment in a pre-seed round 3 to actively fund advertising and promotion.

    Skai Beauty Inc. is a D2C clean and sustainable beauty brand targeting women aged 30 to 50 in Japan. They offer Hair Care and Hair Colour products. The Hair Care’s made in Italy - it's organic, vegan-certified, and suitable for consumers of all ages. The Hair Color is produced in Japan, and the user can color and repair their hair at their very homes with this. “The penetration among women is 75% and if I get just 1% of the home market, that alone would be worth $60 million which is my year five target” Steve explained. The products are vegan-certified, and the packaging is bioplastic, made from sugarcane. “We do have global ambitions, so we're starting Japan and across borders probably next and we're already working on India, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia”, Steve added. Skai Beauty, a nominee for the 2022 Sustainable Cosmetic Award, was discussed in detail during the session along with target marketing, investment, and product plans. The session then moved on to the second pitch.

    Ludmila Milla who’s the Founder and CEO of UJJI, is seeking investment in a pre-seed round. Ludmilla explained that this is in fact her third venture before presenting her pitch.

    Companies that experience rapid growth are expected to scale quickly and meet expectations. They often hire speedily to keep up with their expansion plans. However, they may face challenges when unlocking their employees' full potential due to time, budget, and knowledge constraints. UJJI is basically a SaaS platform that provides startup teams with fundamental skills for fast-paced environments through gamified e-learning based on behavioral sciences, similar to Duolingo's approach to language learning. This B2B model is mobile and user-friendly. “We give the opportunity to analyze the data and have access to how teams are performing and the biases and the risks that are making those streams not perform as desired” Ludmila explained. The UJJI experience piggybacks on people’s behavior and devices so training doesn’t feel tedious. For revenue, users can pay a subscription fee of £4.99 per employee/month if billed annually or £6.99 per employee/month if billed quarterly to gain access to the full UJJI platform (App + Slack integration). UJJI offers customized training content for companies with pricing based on the scope of creation. After an insightful and in-depth Q&A session with panellists and host the pitch concluded.

    Next to the pitch was Eva Pederzini, who was introduced as the CEO and Co-Founder of Delita. Eva has a seasoned background in food and beverage and is seeking investment in a seed round.

    The presentation began with attention to the issue, many doubt the existence of Italian meals that arrive in eco-friendly packaging, only requiring reheating, yet still taste as delicious as chef-prepared dishes served in restaurants. Delita offers unique, healthy, and fresh alternatives to typical ready-made meals by providing authentic and expertly crafted Italian cuisine. This promotes sustainability and simplifies everyday dining experiences. “We have a multi-option solution; we sell single portions in sustainable jars and multi-portions for the B2B that have a very long shelf life”, Eva explained. The ready-meal market opportunity is big, with a global TAM of £54 million and a 3.52% CAGR. In terms of the business model, Delita follows a B2B2C model, which allows the brand visibility to grow with multiple selling opportunities. “We have the traction of more than 100 orders so far, 1000 subscribers that love us more than 16 B2B clients and we've had visibility in retail”, Eva added. Delita has begun its Beta Testing in the UK while also aiming to expand overseas including the US. After discussing revenue and competition strategies with Mohammed and Max, we moved to the final pitch.

    Dr Vishvesh Pathak, Group CEO of Strategic Ratings took on the focus to present his pitch. Dr Vishvesh is seeking investment in a pre-series A round.

    Strategic Ratings is a Credit Ratings Agency of CEO24X7 which originated in the UK. The aim behind it is to enhance global sovereign and corporate credit ratings through the implementation of advanced technologies, elevated governance standards, and utilization of our intellectual property portfolio. Upon discussing the key benefits offered, Dr Vishvesh added “Our global presence will be in the US, UK, and India”. The credit rating industry faces major challenges in quality and administration. Outdated measures and a factory-like culture contribute to poor quality, while pricing and client treatment pose administrative issues, Strategic Rating aims to be a pioneer and disruptor in the industry by introducing its methodology and access points, as well as competitive pricing, improved client treatment, and enhanced governance standards. After elaborating on the diverse rating portfolio, Dr Vishvesh moved on to sharing the US market revenue and profit projections, and before concluding added: “We are ready to go live with strategy creating the USA and a mobile lab both our infrastructure of website app intranet client module everything is ready to utilize”.

    Mohammed, our guest panellist, who expressed his keenness on the subject, immersed in a brief-yet in-depth discussion before Max presented all the founders present with a final question.

    “Why should an investor invest in your venture?”

    Dr Vishvesh answered by sharing that, Strategic Ratings is an independent credit rating agency capable of delivering all types of corporate and sovereign credit ratings. He also mentioned Warren Buffett's successful investment in Moody's and expressed a similar aspiration.

    Next Eva explained that Delita offers fine dining in the ready meal category, which’s currently not in the market. This presents an opportunity to generate revenue streams from consumers that can be quickly accelerated to B2B. Eva invited investors interested in exploring opportunities in the ready meals market.

    Ludmilla then shared they aim to make learning and self-development fun and affordable for people. UJJI, empowers workforces in small and medium-sized businesses that lack access to workplace training. Investors are invited to support their mission.

    Steve ended the session by highlighting Skai's alignment with the clean and sustainable beauty trend, and their focus on providing salon-quality hair care solutions. Skai aims to expand globally, targeting the largest foreign markets in Japan, China, and India. provides marketing and promotion options to participants and connects them directly with investors through available courses. Check out and their social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) for upcoming sessions and events.

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