Inventor announces Electrical Safety device

Top Quote The inventor of DependaPlug has announced the pending patent for his new safety device. End Quote
  • Miami, FL (1888PressRelease) March 21, 2013 - The inventor and designer of the breakthrough safety device, named the DependaPlug, is pleased to announce the inventor has recently applied for a US Patent for the device, and the approval is now pending. Additionally, the device is now available for review at the new website of

    The inventor and product designer, Miguel Carvajal, has developed the unique, yet simple and affordable design over a number of years. As all of Europe and much of the civilized world requires through electrical safety codes, the necessity of a locking wall outlet plug, Carvajal likewise has invented this ever-so-simple adapter for use in the USA.

    The product and business was made public in early 2013. While still in the patent-pending process, the inventor wishes to share his product with interested parties.

    The design challenge has always been in order to retro-fit the millions of household and garage appliance and tools, it would be impossible to do so, not even considering the prohibitive cost involved. The inventor has discovered a way to provide a very small plastic unit that easily attaches to any 110-volt plug, and keeps any loose plug securely inserted in the outlet. The safety and sheer convenience factors are enormous and certainly without question. A manufacturer could readily adapt the small unit to the current plug design, with very little design change, if any. The cost per unit across thousands of plugs would be almost nil per unit.

    The advantage for a manufacturer is speed to market, ease of use for the end consumer, and the low cost to implement the new design. Once launched, a manufacturer could command a much larger share of the consumer market, by emphasizing the safety and convenience at no-to-low extra cost. While most electrical plugs and cords are pretty much alike and un-exciting to the buyers, this could be the game-changer for sales.

    Electrical plugs coming loose and working their way out of outlets has always been an irritant for consumers. From the kitchen countertop appliance, to the workshop tool, to even the electric yard tool, people have been cursing the poor connections ever since the plug was first invented. This new design is the answer to that flawed original design. With the firm tension that is built into the unit, plugs falling from outlets will no longer be an issue.

    Electrical fires, shocks and injuries are caused by loose-fitting plugs. Insurance companies pay out numerous claims each year for such accidents. When an electrical connection is not firm, there are a variety of problems that can occur, far beyond the inconvenience of having to re-insert the plug several times during use.

    Underwriters Laboratories, the renowned consumer advocate and testing concern, supports safety-first when dealing with electricity. They are continually testing and inspecting electrical appliances and warn against loose connections. As well, the US Consumer Product Safety commission, has come out to warn against ill-fitting electrical connections. The danger is fairly obvious and well-established.

    All those interested in learning more about the DependaPlug, may visit the website at One may also contact the inventor from that site.

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