In the ongoing workshop of VaaYaa Edutech held at Princeton Towers

Top Quote In workshop Vinay Mishra sugegsted "Making the decision to attend a technical institute can be the best decision you've ever made it certainly was for me. Make sure to ask the right questions before writing a check or opting for EMI's to attend." End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 01, 2012 - In the ongoing workshop of VaaYaa Edutech held at Princeton Towers. Vinay Mishra was sharing his experience with the fellow attendees. He began with nuances of attainment of training "As with any field especially in IT education or advance level web technology courses, there are good technical training institutes, and bad ones. When you sign up with one of these institutes, you've made a significant investment in time and money. You deserve to know everything about the institute and your job prospects after leaving that institute before you put down your hard-earned money. The problem is, sometimes it's hard to know the right questions to ask."

    "That's how I got my start in IT two years ago, and today I'm a Certified VaaYaa Edutech Professional and own one of my own franchisee training company of VaaYaa Edutech and my own tech consulting firm. Before I ever put down the first dime, though, I asked some tough questions. So should you."

    Then he responded to the questions raised by to-be students. The same Q and A session is listed below

    What are my true job prospects and legitimate salary levels after I complete IT education from your institute?

    We've all heard the ads on the radio… "Did you know the average salary of an MCSE is $80,000?" "Hey I am earning $70,000 annually after VaaYaa Edutech Certification "Are you worth $65,000 a year? If not, call us!"

    I'm an optimist, and I often tell people that no field rewards individual achievement and drive like IT or web technology does. Having said that, none of us start at the top, and darn few of us start at that kind of salary.

    I'm sure that there are some people who broke in at $80,000, but I haven't met very many of them. Be very wary of technical institutes that use the famous/infamous MCSE Salary Survey as a marketing tool. They tend to represent those salaries as starting salaries.

    Ask your technical institute what the average starting salary of their pass out students is. And keep in mind that salary is not the most important factor to consider when looking for your first job in IT it's the experience you'll be able to put on your resume later on that you should weigh heavily at this point. An institute should be providing IT education on 100% practical basis with live projects. Once you gain wisdom, salary becomes secondary factor. That's why I insisted on crux of the training modules and not on job guarantees or higher salary.

    In short, be very careful about institutes that brag about starting salaries. It's not where you start, it's where you end up.

    How Much Can I earn if I complete Advance Level Web Program which includes PHP, SEO, training modules ?

    How up-to-date are the courses you're offering?

    Make sure the institute you're going to attend has made efforts to keep their courses relevant. Ask what changes have been made to their curriculum in the last three years. No field changes faster than IT. If the answer to that question is "none", look somewhere else. You would your query resolved with institutes that are considered as one of the
    best IT web training courses institutes.

    I want to work in open source. Have you placed anyone in this field lately? If so, can I talk to them?

    Technical institutes are jumping on the MNC mad rush, with a couple of institutes running ads about training you to work in big MNCs ot infotech companies. If that's your goal, that's great, but keep in mind that you have to get a great experience with good skills for any job like that.

    And how do I get a money for studying?

    You have to be sponsored by your guardian.

    Any other option ?
    Your employer. Again, I'm certainly not saying you can't eventually get an IT job in MNC if that's where you want to go, you can eventually get there. The key word there is "eventually". Ask the institute you're thinking of attending whether they've actually been able to place graduates in such jobs. Ask to talk to them. If the institute's managed to do so, they'll be glad to put you in touch with such candidates.

    What textbooks does your institute use?

    Good question. Some technical institute chains use only books that someone rephrased in their own organization. I've heard some of their own teachers complain about the quality of these books. The technical institute I attended used off-the-shelf books, that were developed internally and the quality was very good with simplified readability.

    If you're looking into entering the IT or Web Technology field, you probably know someone who's already in it. Use that resource for everything it's worth. Ask that person what they think about the books, or for that matter, what the local reputation of the institute is. IT is a small world, if the institute has a good or bad reputation, most of the IT personnel in your city or town probably know about it.

    Making the decision to attend a technical institute can be the best decision you've ever made it certainly was for me. Make sure to ask the right questions before writing a check or opting for EMI's to attend. The answers to those questions will indicate to you whether this institute is truly the institute that can help you achieve your dreams. Better go for detailed course modules and not brief touch base certification courses.

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