Hydro BioScience from DPI manages Harmful Algae Blooms (HAB's) with improved UltraSonic products

Top Quote A cost effective method, leaving no environmentally harmful footprint behind, manages Harmful Algae and Algae Blooms while being completely chemical free and safe for all other animals and plants. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 06, 2020 - Piney Flats, TN – DPI announces their new line of Hydro BioScience® algae management products based in the use of UltraSonic technology directly targeted at the resonant frequency of the air bladders inside the cell wall of algae. By bursting these air bladders that are only a protein layer thick, with ultrasound that is completely harmless to humans, animals and other life, AND keeping the outer cell wall of algae intact, this technology disables the movement of algae in the water column, starving it of sunlight and causing it to die and be consumed by naturally occurring aquatic life and beneficial bacteria. The latest line of products from this company includes improvements that eliminate any possibility of failure due to water leakage, NSF approved housings and increasing the numbers of frequencies emitted to over 2000, ensuring the algae vesicles (air bladders) are targeted throughout the process of life to death. With deadly HABs threatening water sources across the planet and contributing greatly to negative impacts on health and economy, this vastly improved line, now including solar based power options for remote operation, promises a clean solution that leaves virtually no environmentally hazardous footprint behind. The technology is surprisingly powerful in its effective range and relatively inexpensive when considering alternatives which generally center around the usage of chemicals that greatly upset and/or destroy the desirable aquatic biome. A single unit can effectively manage any water source up to 17 surface acres in area and the cost to operate is only around $40 a year. Additionally, with this new line in production, Hydro BioScience® has seen their reliability off the manufacturing line and in field use, increase to nearly 100% effective and now expects to play a major role in helping individuals, communities, municipalities and government organizations manage, with great stewardship to these water areas, HAB’s and standing algae issues, especially considering the public’s knowledge of and need for non-hazardous solutions that won’t affect the health of their families, pets and the environment

    Hydro BioScience® first entered the market in 2015, purchasing and improving upon the existing, rudimentary technology but has far exceeded, what can now only be considered archaic devices, with constant technological and manufacturing improvements emerging from its research, development & manufacturing facility, based entirely in the USA, and its own field studies garnered from monitoring of nearly 2000 units in usage today. “DPI’s technology far surpasses the simple devices and techniques of products previously marketed and sold, and affected algae cannot acquire an immunity to it as they can with chemical treatments – explaining the need to always increase chemical dosing towards levels exceeding toxicity. It is an uphill battle to displace the profitable multi-billion dollar per year chemical industry, but understanding that our skin, being the largest organ in our body, and the medium through which chlorine and other chemicals are absorbed, it is our mission to continue developing and providing effective alternatives to chemical carcinogens.”, says Tony Trigiani, President of DPI.

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