Home Owners Can STOP Foreclosure With Mortgage Termination And Keep Your Home Due To Bank Mortgage Fraud In 90 Days

Top Quote With Day Global's mortgage termination process package, HMFT provides services dedicated to accomplishing and realizing the consumer housing goal of owning their home free and clear. End Quote
  • San Diego, CA (1888PressRelease) June 11, 2011 - In the last half of 2010, there were over three hundred thousand people that went into foreclosure or 3 months or more behind on their mortgage payments. Foreclosures are not slowing down as servicing banks and attorneys illegally started the foreclosure procedure with no original documents in the last quarter of 2010, to the highest level since September 2008. These adverse economic conditions coupled with a study conducted by the Federal PIRG (Public Interest Research Groups), which revealed that all 50 Attorneys General and a committee of state banking regulators representing all 50 states formed a multistate group to address this problem. All 50 Attorneys General have filed a combined law suit asking for a 22 Million Dollar settlement from the major U.S. banks due to their mortgage fraud.

    Under Senate hearings, experts on foreclosure/servicing mess - Senate testimony from Diane Thompson: "Servicers do not believe that the rules that apply to everyone else apply to them. This lawless attitude, supported by financial incentives and too-often tolerated by regulators, is the root cause of the robo-signing scandal, the failure of HAMP, and the wrongful foreclosure of countless American families. The falsification of judicial foreclosure documents is closely and directly tied to widespread errors and maladministration of HAMP and non-HAMP modification programs, and the forced placed insurance and escrow issues. Homeowners for decades have complained about servicer abuses that pushed them into foreclosure without cause, stripped equity, and resulted, all too often, in wrongful foreclosure. In recent months, investors have come to realize that servicers' abuses strip wealth from investors as well."

    The singular goal of HMFT is helping consumer homeowners to rebuild their good credit and financial stability by providing home owners with "No More Mortgage" services in order to build a 'Home Owner Financial Stability' plan for them, moving into the future.

    HMFT gives home owners a legal way to terminate their home mortgage;
    HMFT offers home owners a do-it-yourself package that is guaranteed;
    HMFT guarantees to terminate any residential, mobile home, condo, or town house mortgages under 90 days;
    HMFT guarantees to terminate any commercial property mortgages under 110 days;
    HMFT increases consumer homeowner credit scores by deleting the mortgage debt; and
    HMFT approved homeowner mortgage free application 100% of the time.

    The foreclosure of U.S. consumer homes and commercial properties are taken as law by servicing banks, that don't hold the "Paper" for any consumer mortgage. The business or home owner do not have a clue that their mortgage lender or bank sells their clients' Note to investors after dividing it into hundreds of times and package it with other Notes in a security package shortly after the commercial property or home owner monetizes or creates the value of the loan then mortgage lenders create the money out of thin air, because no assets are given by the lender. When a mortgage note is monetized, the lender's assets and liabilities increase when, in reality, the assets should decrease. When a consumer wants more information on this, you should go to CreditReportGame.com

    HMFT offers the consumer homeowner a complete do-it-yourself mortgage free in 90 days process with all the material, including a STOP Foreclosure letter that stops the foreclosure process; thus, giving. the home owner 90 days or less to get their mortgage terminated and own their home free and clear of any mortgage, legally.
    The legalities fall under the Federal Real Estate Law of RESPA and the UCC code that is supposed to protect the consumer home owner and under the GAAP, Generally Accepted Accounting Practices in World Law.

    If the consumer home owner wishes a HMFT expert to get their homes mortgage free for them, we are looking to train honest persons in the sales and help process across the United States.

    To learn more about having and keeping your home or selling it for pure profit, visit http://www.1RealEstateHomes.com or http://www.Cancel1Mortgage.info, or call 850.826.1662.

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