Hidizs MS3 HiFi In-Ear Monitors Released

Top Quote Only two months after the release of the flagship HiFi In-Ear Monitors MS5 Dark Angel, the world-renowned acoustic brand Hidizs released the second flagship HiFi In-Ear Monitors MS3 again. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 04, 2023 - The appearance of Hidizs MS3 HiFi In-Ear Monitors is made of lightweight aviation aluminum alloy through integrated precision cutting and carving, which retains the cavity shape of the Hidizs family, conforms to the ergonomic structure of the human ear, fits the auricle, and is comfortable to wear. The panel part is processed into a flame-like shape using three-dimensional fine carving technology. After anodizing treatment, it has a delicate touch, full of dynamic sense, and has a strong and unique visual recognition.

    Hidizs MS3 HiFi In-Ear Monitors uses a 10.2mm diameter dynamic driver with dual magnetic circuits and dual cavities independently developed by Hidizs. Its diaphragm is made of bio-nanofiber composite material. This dynamic driver uses dual magnetic circuits dual cavities technology, which has higher magnetic flux. Under the action of higher magnetic induction, the diaphragm can obtain higher acoustic energy, thereby improving the transient performance of the dynamic driver and bringing higher electro-acoustic energy conversion efficiency. The low-frequency dive is powerful and flexible, and the image of the human voice and the mid-frequency part is clearer and purer. Dual magnetic circuits and dual cavities complement each other like light and shadow, bringing a pleasant acoustic experience.

    The dual magnetic circuits and dual cavities dynamic driver is paired with an enduring Knowles SWFK-31736 composite balanced armature driver. Knowles SWFK-31736 is composed of two independent balanced armature drivers, which are responsible for the output of high frequency and extremely high frequency in MS3 HiFi In-Ear Monitors. This composite balanced armature driver has high resolution, clear and bright sound quality, excellent ductility, and a transparent sense of air, which can express the rich emotions and details of the overall movement, bringing a vast auditory experience like endless light.

    At the same time, in order to make the frequency response of the three drivers of MS3 more accurate, Hidizs redesigned the crossover point of the earphone and used tantalum capacitors to control the crossover point. Tantalum capacitors have higher frequency response and lower ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance), which can provide clearer and more precise sound. Under the careful and professional adjustment of HAL (Hidizs Acoustic Laboratory), after many times of G.R.A.S artificial ear and human torso model data calibration, the frequency response curve of MS3 on the B&K HATS test instrument is highly consistent with the H-2019 standard target curve. It has excellent frequency response characteristics, and its effective frequency response range reaches the Hi-Res standard of 20Hz-40kHz, bringing higher resolution, better treble extension and wider sound field performance. And it can more truly restore the real sound quality of the sound source itself, bringing a real and natural high-fidelity listening experience.

    Hidizs MS3 HiFi In-Ear Monitors is equipped with rich accessories including up to 9 kinds of skin-friendly silicone eartips, supports Hidizs Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filter replaceable technology, comes with three classic Hidizs pneumatic sound tuning filters, and also supports third-party standard sound tuning filters. In addition, MS3 also supports interchangeable cables with 0.78mm 2 pin plugs, and supports third-party upgrade cables. It is another sincere work of customized HiFi In-Ear Monitors.

    Hidizs MS3 HiFi In-Ear Monitors,
    Motion with stillness, and light with shadow.

    Hidizs MS3 HiFi In-Ear Monitors will be available for worldwide launch on July 4, 2023. with a limited price of $113.00 ONLY till July 17th (Save $56.00). Click to get a limited Hidizs MS3!

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