Helping the Education Sector to Enhance Geographic Literacy Through Mapping

Top Quote Mapping is a great potential for engaging students to be conscious about geographical literacy. When they are eager to learn, it will lead to a future of concerned citizens that analyze and solve complex geo-spatial problems. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 25, 2014 - The education sector plays a major role in molding the students on how to make decisions based on geographic literacy. It may be about where they want to live in the future, where to work, or where to settle down. Schools are the first training ground to let them be aware of natural hazards, environmental chaos or problems in society. Teaching geographic literacy is essential if students are going to understand the challenges and opportunities of the world.

    Mapline, a leading mapping software, is used by many schools across the country to make geographic literacy a cause for awareness. As the term implies (or Geo-Literacy to put it simpler by National Geographic) is all about learning geographical concept critical in the study of society. It uses geographic reasoning for information-based decisions. Its 3 main components are:

    - Interactions
    - Interconnections
    - Implications.

    Mapline helps in customizing mapping programs for schools to create specific systems of understanding geography through mapping for each grade level. When mapping tools are used, students will be more engaged in learning as they see attractive map visuals. Mapline's features are user-friendly that even younger kids can enjoy using the maps while learning about different parts of the country and even the world. Map-making takes less than 3 minutes. Mapline designs features that utilizes the best modern mapping technology. Hence, the maps are attractive and can be viewed in OSM original, OSM bright and Mapquest.

    Mapline paves the way to make learning geographical literacy something to look forward to by the students with excitement. At the same time, educators have no problems to unbore the students using the mapping software. Each functionality allows them to create a map of geographic visuals for their students. For instance:

    - Create a map of world countries and then have their students identify the distance between one country to another by using the draw pad. The drawing line automatically calculates the distance between 2 points.

    - Create a map with different data sets (for example: US counties, World Countries, European Countries, and then use the distance calculation icon to help the students identify the distances between 2 points from different sets of layers.

    - Create an interactive map where students are the ones to customize the marker of a specific data set.

    - Create an interactive map where students can add their own marker.

    - Create a map where students can add territory layers and customize the colors of the territory sets.

    - Create a map of a country including all its states or regions or provinces. Then, show the location labels for each country (for example in the USA) showing the demography and other important information.

    Maps show a great potential for engaging students to be more conscious about geo-physical things. When they are eager to learn, it will lead to a future of concerned citizens that analyze and solve complex geospatial problems. To discuss the mapping advantage that Mapline can bring to your school, visit their official website today.

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