Heatime Technology Revolutionizes Estrus Detection In The Dairy Industry

Top Quote With Heatime - The Cutting Edge Electronic Heat Detection Solution from SCR, Producers Can Achieve 90% Estrus Detection Rates, without any of the Inconveniences of Timed AI Systems End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 26, 2011 - A successful breeding program is a main prerequisite for dairy farm profitability. Cows produce milk only after calving, and during each lactation cycle, the quantity of milk produced gradually decreases. Because of that, farmers focus on getting each cow pregnant as soon as possible, following a waiting period of approximately 60 days after calving.

    In large commercial farms, it is extremely difficult to identify cows in heat - the time during which the cow begins the ovulation cycle and is ready for insemination. Cows in heat typically exhibit only subtle, distinct and short-lived heat related behavior, which renders the task of detecting estrus very challenging and time-consuming.

    In the attempt to solve the issue of heat detection, commercial farms have experimented with different heat detection aids, but with limited success. Until recently, one of the most common approaches to heat detection - at least on large farms - has been the use of hormone synchronization or timed artificial insemination (TAI). Designed to synchronize ovulation among groups of animals in various stages of the estrous cycle at the initiation of the program, timed AI programs are slightly more efficient than other heat detection aids, but also entail a long list of drawbacks.

    However, thanks to Heatime - a state-of-the-art electronic heat detection system developed by SCR - the drawbacks normally associated with detecting estrus now belong to the past. Heatime technology, which has proved that 90% heat detection rates are perfectly tangible, incorporates 27/7 monitoring of cow activity to accurately determine heat, as well as the precise point at which the cows enter the ovulation cycle so farmers can time the insemination process to optimize conception rates.

    With Heatime, monitoring is conducted by non-intrusive electronic transponders. Cows identified in heat may be separated from the herd for treatment using automated sorting gates, further reducing the need for labor. Aside from heat detection, the system also provides indication of potentially sick cows, by alerting for cows displaying low activity levels.

    Most importantly, once a cow is inseminated, the farmer has to wait only an average of 21 days until an indication is received whether the cow is or is not pregnant. Especially in a large herd of several hundred cows or more, this advantage ultimately translates to substantial financial savings. Relative to timed AI, the Heatime reduces days open (days in which the cow is not pregnant) late in the lactation - at a point where they have much higher market value. Therefore, while the number of pregnancies may be the same between the two systems, the Heatime electronic heat detection system will always provide greater economic value.

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