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  • Haim Fleminger
  • 6 Ha Omanut Street,
  • Phone: 97-2527521
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    Founded in 1976, SCR is a privately held company headquartered in Netanya, Israel. SCR is the world's largest manufacturer of electronic milk measurement devices and leads the industry in the field of electronic collar tags. SCR distributes its products through global solution providers worldwide, and backs its distribution network with a strong support team for efficient technical services and ongoing backup to the local distributor.

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    6 Ha Omanut Street,
    Netanya Israel
    Phone no: 972527521117
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  • Heatime Technology Revolutionizes Estrus Detection In The Dairy Industry
  • With Heatime - The Cutting Edge Electronic Heat Detection Solution from SCR, Producers Can Achieve 90% Estrus Detection Rates, without any of the Inconveniences of Timed AI Systems
  • A successful breeding program is a main prerequisite for dairy farm profitability. Cows produce milk only after calving, and during each lactation cyc ...
  • April 26, 2011